While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! Another day another um... dollar? I guess. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping where we round up the news coming in overnight.

So what did you miss? Not too much actually. This story might be my favourite. Turns out making games easier for broader audiences isn't as new as you might think. The Space Invaders creator has been bemoaning the fact that the game he created was too hard for him. If he could go back he would have made the game easier!

How does this work: are video games inspired by real life or is real life inspired by video games? Maybe there's a pull in both directions, but this is pretty sinister: these terrifying soldiers legitimately look like your average video game/comic book villain.

This is mental: Windows XP running on the Nintendo Famicom. Yep.

This is where Halo, Star Wars and Warhammer meet. And finally, if you've ever wanted to see the Attack On Titan opening sequence recreated with cats then boy do I have a post for you.

In Short Terrifying Soldiers Look Like Comic Book Villains Attack On Titan's Opening Recreated With Cats. Yes Cats. Where Halo, Star Wars And Warhammer Meet Its Windows XP For The Nintendo Famicom Space Invaders Creator Says He Would Have Made It Far Easier


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