While You Were Sleeping

Morning chums. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping where we round up the news you might have missed. Let's get cranking.

Since it seems like absolutely everyone playing Pokemon X & Y, I thought this might be of interest: this is every Pokemon you can catch in one handy map. I really need to get started on this game. I've never played a Pokemon game before and I think this might be a good time (and place) to start.

The next gen sports trailer. Is it just me or are they all starting to look a bit... familiar? The US guys have totally discovered the formula for making them.

Apparently the sex and violence in Grand Theft Auto V has been toned down in Japan for some reason. And this is what Street Fighter would look like if every character was gender swapped!

Finally, take a look at Arma 3's incredible ballistics model being explained.

In Short Every Pokemon You Can Catch In X And Y In One Handy Map So We've Discovered The Formula For Doing A Next-Gen Trailer In The Sports Genre Arma 3's Incredible Ballistics Model Explained GTA V's Sex And Violence Toned Down In Japan If The Street Fighter Cast Was Gender Swapped


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