While You Were Sleeping

Urgh. I am sick. I'm at home wrapped in a blanket writing this and as soon as I am done I'm going to play Pikmin 3 and feel sorry for myself. But the news doesn't stop so welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

GTA V has now hit almost 30 million sales. That's... unreal. What an outrageous number for just a month on sale. It's like I had almost forgotten how broad the reach of this game was.

I just don't get this at all. Microsoft has hired Jonathan Ross (basically a funnier UK version of Rove) as an Executive Producer on the Xbox One. What is going on here. All this stuff is going to make for a great feature article a couple of years down the track...

It looks like The Walking Dead Season 2 is heading in the entirely right direction, I am super interested in this Halo: Spartan Assault game, and this is the latest entry into Last Gen Heroes: how HD remasters breathed new life into old games.

In Short The Walking Dead Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted GTA V Hits 29 Million Sales In Six Weeks Halo: Spartan Assault Is Coming To Xbox 360 And Xbox One Microsoft Has Announced They Hired TV Presenter Jonathan Ross HD Remasters Breathed New Life Into Old Games


    Hope you feel better soon Mark. Don't work yourself too hard playing Pikmin. Haha, sounds like a good remedy though.

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