Who Wouldn't Want To Play A Game Called 'Frisky Gnome Revenge'?

This video game name generator is hit and miss, but when it hits it hits hard. Frisky Gnome Revenge? Seriously, someone should make that game. Actually someone should organise a 48 hour Game Jam where you take a name from this generator and make a game based on it.

What else have I gotten so far...

- Radical Cricket Struggle - Heavy Metal Bandicoot Bastards - Undercover Hillbilly Smuggler - Inept Frog Heroes - Masters of Bongo Epidemic - Fiery Writing Island - Lazy Monkey Jihad

I could go on. And on.

Have a go here, and post your favourites in the comments below!


    Inept Frog Heroes sounds like a fantastic game!

      I would play the heck out of Inept Frog Heroes. 4 player arcade co-op game? YES PLZ

      Immediately thought of Battletoads.

    Christian Flatulence vs. The Space Mutants
    Sleazy Man Love Frenzy
    Satan's Porn Island
    Everybody Loves The Love Apocalypse

    Fluffy Fishing Dreamland
    Stupendous Motorcycle in Vegas
    College Chicken Boxing
    Political Chocobo Adventure
    Kamikaze Submarine Preacher

      Sensual Hardware 3D - yep, want it.
      Excruciating Baking II - the classic bad baking sim gets a sequel.
      Tom Clancy's Trampoline Takedown - i got nothin.

    Can't believe this thing is still around.
    At one point, on a forum I go to, we would take those names and make MSpaint pictures representing them, good times.

    Actually someone should organise a 48 hour Game Jam where you take a name from this generator and make a game based on it.
    @markserrels why don't you organise a game jam like that then? As a kotaku comp. It's not like people haven't made games for kotaku competitions before ;P

    Merciless STD Encounter

    Or as I like to call it....my one night stand from Saturday night. *boom tish*

    Stop the press and game over! This one wins, hands down! Who wouldnt want to play:


    Ladys and gents we have a winner.

    Dangerous Acid Fiesta....... sounds like a turnbased RTS to me.

    Anyone care for a round of Dangerous Funk Struggle?

    Create Your Own Bar Code Mania is such a great name I may make it a life goal to create a game just so I can name it like Create Your Own Bar Code Mania.

    Thomas looked over the horizon. It was brightening. It was...worrying.
    He glanced at his rifle. Locked and loaded, the opposite of what his old CO from the army would recommend.
    But this wasn't a normal situation.
    He saw rustling in the leaves ahead and raised the rifle to his eye. He was a hunter. This is what he did.
    The Panzer turned it's turret to look at him. He knew something was wrong. Oh so wrong.
    He felt the movement in the air before he heard the rustling of leaves beside his left ear.
    Rifle poised at the Panzer, he glanced over at the oncoming PT-76 which had, unknown to him, flanked him and was in attack position.
    He was a hunter. He had respect for other hunters.
    "Clever Girl" was all he could say.
    Hidden Tank Epidemic
    Coming Q4 2013

    Back when I was at AIE, our 48 hours game challenges were based around 'game name generator' names.

    THIS is why you write things down. Ages ago some friends and I spent a few afternoons entertaining ourselves with the games we got from this. We've even thought of a game jam using this for the ideas.

    Anyway, some of my favourites from the list we kept are:

    Orbital Manlove Assassins
    The Harlem Globetrotters: Midget Conflict
    Enraged Bible Prophecy
    Alcoholic Bimbo in Toyland
    Subatomic Transvestite with Friends
    Interstellar Manlove Explosion
    Happy Hobo of the Blood God
    Exquisite Sex Bandits
    Epic Llama Scandal
    Hitler's Rabbit of Fury
    Search for the Porn in the Salad Kingdom
    My Very Own Nazi Extravaganza
    Big Bird's Gun 64

    And that's just my favourites from the list we kept. This thing is actually really entertaining.

    UPDATE: It just keeps on giving:

    Create Your Own Porn Explosion

    Last edited 10/10/13 10:27 pm

    Depressing Hobo Tournament

    Made me giggle

    All-night Bong 3D

    I'm done

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