Why Is Ash From Pokémon Such A Loser?

Why Is Ash From Pokémon Such A Loser?

The Pokémon Origins anime special offered a reminder of one thing: Ash is a pretty lousy Pokémon trainer. If only he could reach his true potential! Eh, he can’t. Note: This post contains spoilers.

If you’ve followed the Pokémon anime, you’ll know that Ash (or “Satoshi” as he’s called in Japan) isn’t exactly the best trainer. In the Pokémon League, the kid seems like he’s always losing — that’s because he is.

Granted, this is part of the character’s appeal!

In the Pokémon Origins anime, however, the trainer known as Red came in, and kicked arse. In the Origins special, which was divided into four episodes that all debuted last night in Japan, Red did way more in one hour than Ash has done in over sixteen years.

Here’s a comparison, courtesy one Japanese Twitter user:


In the Pokémon Origins special, Red destroyed Team Rocket, became the Pokemon League Champion, and captured Mewtwo. Ash, however, still hasn’t completely destroyed Team Rocket, hasn’t become the Pokemon League Champ, and, as seen in Pokémon movies, wasn’t able to keep Mewtwo in captivity.

It’s not like Red is like the anti-Ash or something, it’s just that Ash is a bit crap.

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  • Granted, this is part of the character’s appeal!

    Ash has no appeal. He is a catalyst for the characters that do to gather around. He’s a coffee table. Made from the ash tree. The ugly one, not the good one.

  • I watched all 4 episodes last night, so many memories playing the original games.
    I reccomened the series, especially if you’ve played the original games.

  • I don’t personally think that Ashe is crap comparing to Red, although his dream has yet to come true, he is however the only person able to meet almost ALL of the pokemons (including Legendary pokemons). And catching pokemon is not always mean to SAFE KEEP them.

  • This may be be true, but it works in the Origins mini series because it’s just that, a mini series.
    If Ash were kick arse all over the place, throughout the series, the show would get boring pretty quick.

  • Ash is almost pathetically bad at Pokemon training. Pitiably bad. Its not just that he hasn’t become Pokemon Champion, not just that he hasn’t defeated Team rocket. It’s that he simply does not know near anything. His sole knowledge of Pokemon comes from the PokeDex and or more knowledgeable characters (Everybody including small children).

    That being SAID, where Ash shines is his empathy towards Pokemon. Pokemon who have a chance to warm up to him kind of like him. His actual battle tactics can sometimes be quite good (See first movie and all). It’s just the ‘training’ part of Pokemon he’s really really bad.

  • I think Red is awesome and I still wonder if he caught Mew and he probably did (Well duh he’s awesome anyways!)

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