Wrecked GTA Car Still Runs Pretty Well

Wrecked GTA Car Still Runs Pretty Well

I'm not entirely sure how this pile of junk is still functioning, but I'm also not sure I want to know. Because it's magical and magical things deserve to be preserved in their mystery.

YouTuber MetalDevils hows us how to get a fancy sports car in GTA Online all banged up while still working. Basically the process involves a Los Santos cargo train. Check it out below:

Bonus points for making it look like the Batmobile.

GTA V Online, the most destroyed car ever [YouTube]


    What amazes me is that every single time something hits my left rear quarter panel, the wheel goes askew and starts dragging on the road, cutting my speed and forcing me to turn to the side. Every time, from a massive smash to a tiny love tap.

      what car?

        Any car! But mostly SUVs and Franklin's default car.

          This happened to me yesterday. Somewhere in between winning a race and resuming normal gameplay... even though nothing happened in that period.

      It happens in single player, but I've never had it happen in Multiplayer. I'm assuming they have some adjustments for online play.

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    how did that not catch fire? My housemate was on a jetski in between a freighter ship and the wharf (tight squeeze) and after half a minute of sitting still the bloody thing caught fire and exploded, I'm assuming from damage.

    Either way, the head through the roof is a nice touch

    You should have seen the first True Crime game. After wrecking the car to the point that only the chassis remains, destroying the tires, AND exploding the engine to make the whole car on fire, you could still get in and drive it (while constantly taking damage from the fire mind you).

    Playing Online you can smash your car into a cube and it'll still run fine, or at least everycar I've done it too has. Single player is another story though, if you smash in those side panels your looking at one extremely long and tyre screeching journey.
    I guess it comes down to cutting some features for the online play? I'm not complaining though.

    I've had a car totally beat up and lose most of its panels. Bonnet, both front benders (side area between doors and front bumper), front bumper, back bumper, boot lid, all window panes, pretty sure both doors...

    The thing still had the wheels almost straight, so I drove it around till I died. :D

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