Xbox Fight Leads Man To Bite Penis 'Like A Sandwich'

Xbox Fight Leads Man To Bite Penis

Sometimes, you look at British newspaper stories about video games and shake your head. And then there are days like this.

The Metro reports that Jason Martin, 41, from Dover, has been jailed for seven years after chomping on a man's penis following a video game dispute earlier this year.

A former (no shit) friend of Martin's had asked him to turn the volume down on his Xbox while playing. A disagreement soon flared up, leading Martin to bite down on the man's penis - through his pyjamas - 'like a sandwich'. The victim needed stitches.

Oh, and in case that's not painting a vivid enough picture, Martin only has two teeth.

The sentencing judge said of Martin's assault "These were horrendous injuries but you have shown not one flicker of remorse."

"I have no doubt that when you lost your temper you were determined to inflict as much pain and injury as possible."

"You also set out to humiliate him by taking hold of his penis and testicles and gnawing at them."

Oh, so he gnawed at the man's testicles as well? I'm not going to sleep for a week.

Gamer who bit neighbour's penis 'like a sandwich' in Xbox row jailed for seven years [Metro]


    Sometimes there are just no words...

    I'd say it was more like biting on a hotdog.

    Ever been so mad you just had to gnaw at another mans penis?? I haven' my day we just throw the controller.....and if we were mad at a particular person we would just not be around them or at worst punch short, kids, don't eat your friend penis in anger, it says more about you than it does about him.

    Nom nom nom.
    Well, jail for 7 years and only two teeth? I think he will have plenty of opportunities to snack on some more tasty sausage.

    I bet he'll have fun being told "I hear you like the taste of cock" in prison.

    I think it was fortunate for the victim that the penial assailant only had two teeth...

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