Xbox One Or PS4? Top Comic Artists Chime In

Sure, they may be able to do render amazing versions of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man but comic-book artists are just like you and me. Some of them even use their talented fingers for video gaming. And, like game enthusiasts everywhere, the visual stylists who contribute DC, Marvel, Image and others are excited for the Xbox One and PS4. Which one are they going to spend their money on? Watch and find out.

During New York Comic-Con last week, Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I walked up and down Artist's Alley, talking to various comics pros about the coming advent of next-gen hardware. In the video above, you'll see David Marquez, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez, Jim Cheung, Dustin Nguyen all take a stab at explaining why they're leaning towards getting one console over the other.


    seems kinda mean to go to a Comic book convention and ask comic book artists about video games...


      because Videogames have surpassed comics as the big "thing" for the nerdy and not so nerdy I suppose? or I guess because they want to talk about comics and not games

      I suppose I just answered my own question

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