New Half-Life 3 Trademark In Europe Could Mean... Not Much

Yes, Half-Life 3 was trademarked in Europe over the weekend, but don't get too excited: trademarks come and go all the time and this might not mean a thing.

We've reached out to Valve to see if they've got anything to say, but we're not getting our hopes up.

Valve files trademark for... [NeoGAF]


    it means....something. A glimmer if hope. Optimised for Steam OS you wait and see

    Makes sense. They will want a killer app to sell their OS.

      Hey, I'm probably buying a steam machine anyway, HL3 is only going to sweeten the deal! :D

        You mean a PC running the Valve version of Linux?

    Steambox exclusive. I have read some articles asking who Valve is making the Steambox for (as in what is their target market). HL3 exclusivity will guarantee sales of the hardware..........

    or the possibility is they trade marked it most likely because they are gonna stop game production and focus on the steam platform and steam machine from now on, so no one else can make it.

    By the way Jason Schreier, i do believe you don't have permission to use that piece of artwork

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