You Want Old-School Final Fantasy? Get This Game.

This is Bravely Default, a role-playing game for 3DS that will be out for North America in the first quarter of 2014. It's Final Fantasy with a different name.

Check out a new trailer above.


    It’s Final Fantasy with a different name. Which makes sense given that it's a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. I'm really pumped for this game because I absolutely loved 4 Heroes and it's mechanics. (which BDFF more or less refines)

    Cause you know, the 3ds doesn't have any RPGs currently.

    Where is my 3ds trauma centre!!!!

    I was interested, until they introduced the first character and his background of finding out what happened to his village. After that, pure standard tropes all the way. Giving this one a miss.

    yet another reason to get a 3DS or at least the cheaper 2DS (if get good headphones for it).

    Screw the English voice acting, just give it to me now with subs and localised menus! D:

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