You Won't Believe How Much Someone Paid For One Digital Gun

You Won't Believe How Much Someone Paid For One Digital Gun

Never underestimate how much someone is willing to spend on a digital item they can use in a game. First, we had the people who paid way too much for weed emoticons and digital stickers. This time, we've got someone that paid nearly $US200 for a digital gun (pictured above) from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Here's the graph taken from the Steam Marketplace to prove it — this was first spotted by Generalvivi on Reddit:

You Won't Believe How Much Someone Paid For One Digital Gun

Typically, the gun goes for less than 3 dollars. Which is to say, this person paid like what, 60 times the normal asking price? Could be that there's some piece missing here from the story that we don't get to see, like maybe they actually paid for a bevy of other items in one go. Could be that this person thought this gun was worth way more than a few bucks. Who knows! Hopefully the purchase was worth it, though.


    Money laundering, nothing but.

      Conceivably, it's also a more trustworthy way of paying Russians to buy your Steam games for you.

      The money goes into your steam wallet and cant be spent anywhere else but in steam. So unless criminal organisations have decided to spend all their hard earned on portal I find that hard to believe.

      I sold a special even courier from Dota 2 for $170 just after the international 3. The sale section is good for me!

      Last edited 10/10/13 10:09 am

    Some knives in that game go for nearly $400 US.

    Maybe it was a Valve employee testing the marketplace?

    Sounds like someone added a digit to their purchase accidentally.

      Yeah, seems more like somebody entered the number of cents for a $2 item

    I've sold a TF2 "Vintage flare gun" for $90 on steam, a "vintage Jarate" for $40 as well

      Are you kidding me?! I have like a bajillion of those things!

        I still have a couple as well, but they no longer sell :( this was over 12 months ago.

    now that computer gaming is classified as an official sport in some countries, i dont see it as 'odd' that people are buying equipment to help improve themselves and their abliities in the same way that a runner would buy better quality shoes to help them perform better,
    just my 2c
    me personally, i wouldnt even buy a DLC which was just a 'gun' pack for a game, but thats primarily because im a light/casual gamer (and i like my money :P )

      its odd because thats a very common weapon skin that has great difficulty selling for even $1. and to make it even worse its all cosmetic :P only thing it might do is make your gun stand out a bit more when its poking out of a corner, it has no actual effects on the gun itself

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