You Won't Need To Keep A Computer By The Xbox One To Help You Play Games

That's because the console's Snap feature will let the Machinima app automagically figure out what game you're playing and get videos to help you win. [via]


    I read that title and thought it was MS trying to land a blow on SteamOS' OnLive-like local streaming feature for games unable to run on the 'console' hardware.

    Now I see it's for something most people use their mobile phones for.

    i am really getting sick of the mentallity that games must be about winning at all cost

    But... I was fully prepared for the vitally important second screen experiences.

    What do I do now?


      Yeah, it's almost like they are admitting that second screen is inconvenient.

      Whenever I need gamefaqs or something like that I'll just pause and use my tablet.

        That's what I did this generation... I don't I how coped to be honest.

        *admittedly, this does look pretty good.*

    It looks pretty good, i will prob use this over my mobile :D

    At first I was like 'eh, I got my iPad'. But it's not always convienient to use it and it's sometimes not next to me (oh horrifying first world agonies) so I wonder if I'll use this 'screen in screen' mode more...

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