Your First Look At Next-Gen Deus Ex

Your First Look At Next-Gen Deus Ex

Deus Ex is going next-gen, and although the next game in Eidos’s popular sci-fi series won’t be here for a while, at least we’ve got some concept art.

You can see a 16:9 version above, or the whole thing in high resolution right here.

Deus Ex is coming to next-gen,” writes Eidos Montreal boss David Anfossi on the company’s blog today. “It’s early so don’t expect to hear much more from us just yet, but I wanted you to know.”

But that’s not all! They’re also teasing what the company calls Deus Ex Universe, a transmedia project that will include “experiences available in other media such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc.” That’ll kick off with the new next-gen game, whenever it comes out.

Meanwhile, the director’s cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be out for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 22. (October 25 in Europe.) “When the game launches, players will have the opportunity to experience Human Revolution in a new and unique way through SmartGlass, the PS Vita and the Wii U GamePad,” says Anfossi.

New trailer right here:


    • While you cannot outright SKIP the boss battles the Director’s Cut DOES improve them by adding routes for stealth takedowns

      • adding routes for stealth takedowns

        Good enough for me.

        Looking forward to next gen (non mobile!) version!

  • According to the giant Bomb review of the Director’s Cut:

    In terms of the revamped boss battles, all the maps have been reworked to include options for stealth and hacking, allowing players to solve the encounters without firing a single bullet (although the bosses still have to be killed in some way).

    Edit: reply fail. Meant to reply to @jondom

  • Did anyone at any point in the video think, man that sure looks better with the touchscreen?

    • It’s not really compatible because it has a reworked mission/story flow with The Missing Link storyline DLC inserted in place. But the entire game is on Steam for $20 brand new at the moment, so it could easily cost only that much as an outright purchase.

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