Your Missing GTA Online Characters Are Likely Gone For Good

Your Missing GTA Online Characters Are Likely Gone For Good

Was your GTA Online character deleted during the Great Server Catastrophe of 2013? The good news is, you get a free $500,000. The bad news: you probably won't get your old character back.

Although Rockstar has released a patch for GTA V's multiplayer service that seems to have fixed things, a representative for the company tells me that deleted characters are deleted for good.

"So it appears lost characters are indeed lost," a Rockstar rep said. "However hopefully today's announcement of the stimulus package will offset that a little though."

I'd asked because a couple of readers were wondering if they had any shot at getting their old characters back. Sadly, the answer seems to be no. Of course, Rockstar did warn us from the beginning that things would be rocky and they've been remarkably candid and transparent this whole time.


    So I lose a lvl 6 and 30k and get rewarded 500k seems good to me

      Had no issues at launch, lost no characters, get rewarded 500k. Seem fantastic to me.

    Mine disappeared, so I quit and reloaded. Character returned. I don't know why anyone who wanted to recover their character would of just created a new one in the same slot.

    I still have my first character slot empty in case my first little guy finds his way home, though if he does come back I doubt he will be played with anyway cause next to my new guy he is a homeless broke bum with no skills.

    That raises an interesting question, if you have 2 characters which one gets the $500k?
    Character 1?

      Only one character. I belive its your first character but maybe rockstar will be nice and let you pick who will get it.

    Everyone with half a brain would know there would be issues in the first week or 2, so I have no sympathy for those who as soon as they got into the game grinded (ground?) their character and got millions of dollars and bought a heap of properties and cars, and no whinging because they lost it. Yes it is bad they lost it but we knew there would be problems, Rockstar said it themselves before Online launched. I am thankful they are giving us a stimulus package, I haven't had any online issues myself.

    Of course, Rockstar did warn us from the beginning that things would be rocky and they’ve been remarkably candid and transparent this whole time.

    Yeah, that doesn't fly in my book. Especially the kinds of errors that were happening, although the stimulus package does mitigate some of the lost time and effort. They're lucky they aren't a restaurant telling me they can't promise my meals won't include hair or bugs accidentally slipped in.

    I've had three characters deleted, but that was some relatively low level ones (level 10-ish) with only $30,000 approx each to their names.

    While I didn't lose anything of significance, I did gain something, which is to learn the mechanics of the early stages of GTA: Online so that when the online service finally stabilized, I was able to quickly regain my foothold in the world and re-establish what I had lost.

    From the announcement of the $500,000 stimulus package, I made it a goal to get enough funds on my own back to purchase a high end apartment, which eliminates that inkling feeling of "I didn't earn this" come payday.

    Now I'm level 32, have already had a collective total of $400,000, have a great apartment and a vast collection of cars - this $500,000 package is now just play change. :)

    At the end of this long comment, what I'm trying to say is - try to find something positive out of this experience - for me, it was to be able to quickly replay and get what back what was lost and learn how to play the game really well to get what I want.

    I've had no troubles with it.. I've already got a decent apartment and a few low-end cars tricked out.. I'm going to buy a premium sports car with the 500k and add it to my garage. :)

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