You're Gonna Be Stuck With Your Old PSN Name On The PS4

You're Gonna Be Stuck With Your Old PSN Name On The PS4

You will not be able to change your PSN username on the PS4. Hopefully you like the one you have already on your PS3 or Vita. You've asked us this before. And we've asked them. Sorry. Ain't happening. Sony confirmed this today in their massive PS4 FAQ.

Is there a way to rename my Online ID on PS4? No. But PS4 does give you the option of allowing your friends to see your real name in addition to your Online ID. You can also choose to import your Facebook photo to be used as your PSN profile picture if you wish.

They do make a good point about supporting use of real names as a supplemental option. That's cool (for some of us!).

You're Gonna Be Stuck With Your Old PSN Name On The PS4

Microsoft has long allowed people to change their Gamertags. They charge $US9.99 for the name change. Presumably they will continue to offer that.

Suggestion to Sony: maybe offer this in a firmware update?


    I got a PS3 launch day and some prick already took Arkayn. How does someone beat me to a word I made up!

      possibly you made an enemy on some random forum site somewhere, and so they decided to get revenge by taking your name on the PS3...I'd probably do it if I disliked someone enough :D

      You angered the PlayStation gods and they smited you with their almighty hammer of justice by blocking your preferred name...that'll teach that arkayn guy for buying a PC.

      I got mine launch ay and managed to get a 3 letter combo. Was pretty chuffed.

      Because the PSN existed before the PS3 launch?

      My PSP came with a single use code letting me register a user name/account for online play that became my PSN account. I understand a similar code came with PS2 network adapters.

      There's always a man, always a console, always a Arkayn.

      Lol. I have had several accounts. Wish I could remember the password to get into my original one. sirNite... Now i have to have the dash at the end.

    I hate my PSN name. Always thought it was incredibly irritating that I could never change it. I don't get why it's too hard for Sony. Unimpressed.

      Took MS some time to implement changing, depending how deeply integrated it is I guess...

      If it's any consolation... Japanese PSN users have apparently been able to change thier usernames for a while now.

    I borrowed a friend's PS3 when MGS4 launched so I could play just that game. I wish I had put more thought into my name back then.

    Wait ... I've never owned a PS3, but you can't change your PSN name? That's crazy, I changed mine on Xbox a LONG time ago cause it was embarrassing!

      I always planned on changing my gamertag... but by then, all my friends had known me as "KDawg".

      Also I have no idea what to change it to.

    It's not that i hate mine... it's just sorta plain and boring, the old 'nickname+favourite number' username. Oh well at least most of my psn friend i know in real life.

    Hopefully its one of those features that they implement later on in the generation.
    Id like to change mine aswell

    I use a variation of the same user name on Wii U, 360, PS3 and Steam. I'd probably have kept my old name any ways.

    If I stream a game, I'll be lucky to have one person commenting on it, let alone what's happening on that screenshot

    I just started a new psn account to change my user name. Needed a new email address though. Seeing as the PS4 isn't backwards compatible I figure I can just start fresh.

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    Related topic: Who has a gamertag/ID they are embarrassed by?

      My psn is "demonicflame" which sounded really cool when I was 13 but is kind of embarrassing when I'm adding new friends as a 20 year old.

    Seems a little silly to compare Sony to MS, your psn is intergrated into so many devices and services... your XBL account is literally only that.

    While it would be nice to change it, nobody was surprised when you couldn't for the PSP or Vita.

    Oh no, I can't change my name?! GOOD. I have the same name across everything so i don't see the downside here. Though i can understand some people would like to change their names for various reasons

    Really, this is the least of the problems.

    :O Now I'm stuck with the stupid numbers "69" at the end of my name. I was hoping to change it to Wagzy251 or anything other than Wagzy69 :/

    You'd think your PSN name was more linked to the email address rather than the name itself huh

    I don't have a problem with the PSN name, I'm more peeved that I am still going to be stuck with a friggin' sub account! It's ridiculous that I am a 24 year old that has to ask my brother to put my card details onto his account, just so I can buy something off the store.

    I found it hard to believe they hadn't considered this for a console they said would have a 7 year lifespan, and now it worse that they haven;t fixed it for the new one.

    Get yourselves together Sony!

    Somebody had taken knifeyspooney, so I had to settle with adding a 3 on the end. I don't really mind, had the account name since 2009

    Out of curiosity, is there anything stopping you from setting up a completely new ID with a handle you like? I mean, does it detect that the email address is already in use and shut you down? (And if so, can you change your email address on your old ID, then try to use the new one?)

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      Precious trophies! TROPHIES!

    Reserved my PSN name before the PS3 launch and bloody glad I did! Would be nice if they at least offered a service to change for those who want to, even if it cost a few dollars.

    It's sucks that I can't change my gamertag I have been stuck with AWStell since 7 years old but its a bit embarrassing when I am in the middle of an online session and people struggle to announce my name ugh it irks me so much come on Sony get it together listen to the fans

    Screw ps4 that sucks

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