YouTube Reacts To Beyond: Two Souls

YouTube may have taken over 4chan as the Mos Eisley of the internet. Actually, it's way worse. At least 4chan has all these positive attributes. Occasionally they'll work together on some justice mission, or create hilarious memes. YouTube commenters are just all bile, racism and terrible typos. Let's just point at laugh at them.

This YouTube reacts video is particularly good because it takes comments about Beyond: Two Souls, perhaps one of the most divisive video games released in the last year, from the most divisive and mental commenting community of all time. I love videos like this. They're hilarious, and take all the sting out of completely negative, terrible, troll commenters.

"What gender is this? man or adventure"



    @sughly, I know you like these things. I'm not going to listen. It'll just break my heart. :'(


    Edit: Screw that, I'm watching. These are always good times a-plenty.

    Last edited 25/10/13 1:18 pm

      I could never play a game as a chick. Never.

        Watch out for the monkey. He throw things.

    Reacting to Beyond: Two Souls is a failure of the game designer.

    Sad to see that people are still this stupid. I liked this game a lot, mainly because is was story-focused.

    And the sexism? Good lord..

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