Yup, Nerds Wouldn't Say A Lot Of This Stuff

Some stuff, you can count on nerdy folk actually thinking. Gameplay over graphics. The original Star Wars movies are the better than the newer ones. Subs over dubs. You know, typical nerdy opinions. And then there's stuff many nerds would never say.

Bill Scurry compiled a few of those things here — but what are some things you think most nerds would never say?

Shit Nerds Never Say [Bill Scurry]


    Female characters in videogames should be well written and likeable instead of just used for T and A #shitsnerdswouldneversay

      you'd have to be pretty dense if you actually believe that

      I like how so many people are butthurt at your comment when you are obviously just taking the piss.

      I just saw an ironic and witty comment on the internet - I'm going to uprate it, because I recognize the humor, instead of downrating and criticizing it. #ShitTrollsWouldNeverSay

    'Well, we lost, but at least you did your best'

    But, I like salad. =(

    "Big Bang Theory is a great TV show and I can really relate to the characters."

      I fkn hate getting compared to characters from that show.

      Sadly though, if you've ever been friends with people in roleplaying clubs at uni....you'd have seen all of those archetypes.

    Painting an entire group of people with the same brush?

    I thought we were against that kind of thing 'round here.

      No it's only certain groups who you can't paint with the same brush.

      You say that, but the content of this video actually did a reasonable job of portraying different sorts of nerds from across the spectrum of nerd-dom. The things they were saying were mostly specific to their personal brand of obsession. There were people from the Star Wars camp, from Gaiman, from Nintendo, from Ghostbusters, from Superhero comics, and a bunch of others. Quite a good spread for a sixty second clip.

    I just finished a salad. And I think Pixar know what they're doing.

      You can make friends with salad

        Funny comment get

    Letting spelling slide would make the internet a better place.

    "Kotaku US is full of professional journalists"


    "Han shot first!"

    Actually, at this point there's a generation of nerds who never had the opportunity to watch the unmodified original trilogy and may not realise what the fuss was about.

    "I have enough [SF books/manga/anime/games/graphic novels] now and I don't need any more."

    "Let's all meet next weekend for a game of rugby. Bring your girlfriends."

    "The Kinect really adds something to the XBox experience"

      What's wrong with rugby mate?

    I tend to like dubs better, although if it's from the 90s then dub can go to hell. Eva's dub just could not be taken seriously.

    But today's dubs aren't bad. The Hellsing OVA's or Eureka Seven are a good example of this.

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