11 Minutes Of Lightning Returns: FFXII For Your Viewing Pleasure

The fine folks over at Japanese news site 4Gamer.net managed to get their hands on the shortly-releasing Japanese version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. So, of course, they immediately went and captured some footage for the rest of us.

So without any further ado, above's 11 minutes of gameplay from the next Final Fantasy. 4Gamer made sure to include everything from exploration and combat to customisation, so there should be plenty of stuff to gawk at for everyone. Also, keep in mind that we'll be checking out Lightning Returns' Japanese version ourselves next week.



    Gotta say i am kind of excited for this now.

    So does customising your outfit only show during battle?

    Hated Final Fantasy 13, it was probably the worst game in the series. Didn't botherplaying its nonsense sequel, and judging by this video I don't think I'll bother with Lightning Returns either. Squares gone downhill since FFX.

    Yeah, you fight that dragon in your dress....cause that's soooo protective :P I didn't like 13 or 13-2 personally but this shows promise, I might actually like this one lol

    Where is Lightning Returns set? Cocoon? Pulse? Valhalla? Bhunivelze? I don't know! And I hope that character that died is alive again, their death was a little bit needless

    And here's a little prologue of sorts for Lightning Returns, from FFXIV (chapter 4).


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