1993 SimCity Documentary Is 20 Minutes Of Madness

1993 SimCity Documentary Is 20 Minutes Of Madness

In 1993, Britain’s Channel 4 ran a four-part documentary series on video games. The third episode was about SimCity, and 20 years on it stands as a monument to all that was amazing about both the early ’90s and antique PC gaming.

Dug up today by Motherboard, it’s fascinating seeing the way the doco blurs – or is just unable to sift through – what’s actually possible in a game and what they think a game could or should be doing.

It’s also fun to see them talk about all of SimCity 2000’s systems, considering they worked so well in that game and yet completely fall down in a 2013 version of the same game.

Equinox – Serious Fun [YouTube, via Motherboard]


  • A couple of the main problems with the 2013 version were that the maps were much smaller than in the past – and you could build a full city in about 3 hours. Of course if you ran it for longer it would slowly increase in density, but other than moving your water plants around, there was nothing else to do.

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