2013 Call Of Duty Lifts Scene From 2009 Call Of Duty

Is it recycling? A homage? A cry for help? All of the above?
As you can see in the above video by YouTuber satantribal, parts of the prologue of Call of Duty: Ghosts, released yesterday, mirror the ending of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, released in 2009. (Ghosts is the one on the right.)

Activision’s annualized shooter series has something of a reputation, fairly or not, for rehashing mechanics and themes year after year. In this case, the animations are too similar for this to be a coincidence. It’s probably an Easter Egg — a homage designed for longtime fans of the series to pick out and enjoy. But I kind of want to believe that this is the work of a disgruntled animator or two who’d just had enough of the military shooting, and that this is their way of saying “we’re tired of this!”

We reached out to Activision this morning, and we’ll let you know if they want to comment.


  • Infinity Wards Call of Duty copies and pastes entire scenes/textures/levels/everything in order to skip development? Then again, when you’ve got a short window of development I guess this is bound to happen. Colour me not surprised at all. For all the shit Treyarch has copped over the years for their games (and some of it was deserved) I don’t honestly recall them ever doing anything like this. Infinity Ward truly sucks since Zampella, West and co. were fired. Well done Activision, smart move there… smart move. *slow clap*

    • Treyarch “remade” maps from blops 1 as paid expansion, so is EA with battlefield 4. So this one little seen doesn’t seem to bad in my opinion.

      • To be fair they completely remade the maps into new locations with new art design. One is originally set outside a hockey stadium. The remake is on a giant ocean platform which is a spaceport.

        Even the BF3 maps remade look pretty extensively altered. Caspian has a giant wall on the border. There’s a new tower, underground complexes and so forth. Points all rebuilt up and changed. More in line with BF4 maps, not just a direct port.

    • The next one will feature a controversial airport massacre but it’ll be totally different because this time they’ll say “Remember, nein German”

      • Quite the opposite, I get a massive kick out of playing Nazi Zombies, I love COD4, I think Black Ops was a lot of fun and I have a special place in my heart for COD 1 and 2. I just think the last 2 – 3 games have been INCREDIBLY lazy in terms of production values. Especially those from Infinity Ward. Part of loving something, is being able to point out its weaknesses, not only its strengths, as Jim from Jimquisition likes to say.


        It’s part of why I’m conflicted about AC4. It’s a lot of fun to play, but it’s a massive rehash over again. But PIRATES! But it’s so much a retread… BUT PIRATES! But it’s retconning itself and ruining its own mythos to further Ubis business model BUT PIRATES!!!!

        Pirates are kind of winning at this point lol.

        • I know what you mean.

          I like to picture them having a big red “PIRATES!” button beneath safety glass, only to be pushed in the direst of emergencies, when it became obvious a franchise had worn out its welcome.

          I’m expecting Watch Dogs: Assault on Pirate Bay about 2016.

        • its best to think of each iteration as a “map pack” rather than a new entry… thats how i keep myself from losing my shit..

          ive only spent a bit of time with ghosts, waiiting for my ps4 to drop, but it does feel very different… like i said though, i havent spent enough time with it to see just how different. they have definitely improved a lot of things…

          visuals have also improved a fair bit; not drastically, but at least you can now tell if those jaggy pixels on the other end are another player or a prop…

  • Does it really matter?
    They are pretty generic movements and camera angles that could be applied to alot of situations in combat games.

    • It only matters as much as you care. It’s not like they did something illegal.

      This kind of thing is done in games all the time, but to me there’s a big difference between recycling a throw-in animation in FIFA and recycling a scene from an extremely linear 10 hour action game. It’s more akin to MGM stealing a generic chase scene from an old bond movie and reusing it in a new one.

      Personally given the ridiculous profit that these games turn over I think it’s amazingly lazy/ stupid/ disrespectful to the people that hand over their money. I’d be pissed off but then I’m not one of the people who queues up for a “new” COD game every year.

    • It’s motion for motion, shot for shot, word for word the exact same scene. It’s lazy pure and simple. But then, it does reflect IW’s mantra for their last 3 games since COD4 (the last great IW COD)

  • They know the game will sell no matter what they do so they cut corners hehe fair enough I guess. Easy money for them

  • i could swear i used a gun in mw2 as well, im not imaging it am i? there where guns right? that i shot? at people? yes? they copied the whole damn thing!!

  • It’s not the same thing repeated at all! If you look real close, u can tell one is heading toward a helicopter, and one is heading towards a ute. Massive diff. COD 4 lyf

  • Honestly, is anybody surprised? This is the kind of stuff we joked about and said CoD was all about. It will be like if somebody uploads a video showing how EA is scamming their playerbase. Is it bad? Yeah. Are we surprised? No.

  • Maybe they’re just testing how much fans are willing to let them get away with. In a few years they might even be able to cut development costs all together and just have a guy take copies of the previous year’s game and change the name with a marker.

    • Well the fans have been recycling their racist/sexist/homophonic abuse for the past decade, I suppose the developers just figured they could do the same.

  • I personally think they need to copy and paste more. To keep the games more consistent. And to get rid of launch options.

    The fact they release the same game and it’s a broken, feature lacking MP experience on the PC. They then have to patch and add in a bunch of stuff that are basic and in the past number of games. WTF is up with that?

  • Since this post is basically from Reddit, I may as well post a comment from Reddit

    “Infinity Ward is the greenest game company! Over 80% of their games are recycled!”

    • at least infinity ward copy paste their own stuff unlike some media outlets who copy paste other peoples work 😛 just kidding of course

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