30 Minutes Of Very Pretty Dragon Age: Inquisition Footage

Via NeoGAF, here's the Dragon Age: Inquisition demo that the folks at BioWare showed off at PAX in Seattle a few months ago (and have been showing off at other places since).

Looks good, don't you think? Make sure you set it to HD for a better idea of what the game will look like on next-gen consoles. (It will be on PC and current-gen consoles too. No concrete release date yet, but they're targeting late 2014.)


    Looks really impressive compared to DA:O on the 360 which looked terrible.

      Yeah that game did look atrocious, like, distractingly bad, but I don't know, does this game really look all that great? Yeah there's a general prettiness to everything, but when he runs through the grass, the grass doesn't bend out of the way, like it has done in many games this generation. Not even the plants do.

      The water looks pretty average, and does that thing where it constantly acts like dead bodies in it are thrashing about, rather than floating still.

      It feels like, the world itself doesn't really respond to you at all. Seeing him use a spell in the cave and rubble sort of fall from the ceiling was cool, but there's not really enough of that going on so far from what I see.

      And there doesn't seem to be that much actual gameplay that is interesting, just hacking and slashing and the occasional spell.

      All pre-alpha, sure, but how much more will be done to the graphics / physics / environmental interaction after this stage? Isn't the graphics engine one of the first things they do most of the work on?

      Though i've never gotten into this franchise.

        I only just gave it a quick look and it looked like a large improvement over Origins. It was disappointing how bad Origins looked when Mass Effect looked SO amazing. I used to constantly think "damn I wish this looked as good as Mass Effect, how can one company produce two game with such a inconsistent graphical quality?" Hopefully Inquisition is like ME one in that it blows your mind when you first see it.

    Ehhhh.... Ability wheels.... button mashy.... ehhhhhh

    Looks pretty... But ehhh... Action and adventure... Not RPG

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      Seriously, complaining about ability wheels in a bioware rpg? Dude... that's like going to Mcdonalds and complaining about substandard burgers...

        For a series that was supposed to be the "spiritual successor" to the Baldurs Gate series... Yes ability wheels are an abomination.

          That really makes no sense though. Ability wheels can be perfectly fine, they're just another way to click a button. It's how they're implemented that counts. Mass Effect did them amazingly well, 2 did as well, yet ME3 did them shithouse for instance. if I took the icons from Baldurs Gate, relocated them in a spherical shape on the screen and when I hit space they appear... bam... ability wheel. Would'nt matter if it was a wheel, triangle or whatever. It's how it's implemented that counts.

          And DA:O was a superb game, brilliant even. DA2 was a turd of gigantic proportions.

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            With you on the ‘giant turd’ comment.

            As someone who has Baldur’s Gate I and II in their top 5 games of all time, but who no longer has a decent PC (I’ll be playing this game on a console), I can’t complain about the use of ability wheels.
            I’m really hoping the game lets you get MUCH deeper than DA2 in regards to stats, character management ect but at the same time I’m not going to complain too much about a menu system which is a bit easier to manage without a mouse.

            If I was playing on PC on the other hand….

              I was purely looking at it from a PC perspective. I'm sure it all makes sense on a control pad.... Hell I bought DA2 on X360 because the controls didn't make sense on PC (plus I would have busted the attack key on my keyboard). But I still couldn't get through it.

              I just find the whole pause, open huge wheel, select ability, close big wheel clunky and obtrusive.

              I think this will be the same... It's gone from a classic RPG to a Mass Effect with swords. Even the "tactical view" seems to be only to satisfy those who noted its complete absence in DA2. Once that setup was done and play resumed it was straight back to attack button attack button attack button.... I'll play Devil May Cry for that sort of stuff.

              It looks pretty as all hell. But I'm still hesitant. I'd say I'd wait and see the reviews.... but that didn't really work with DA2 either.

            Well. I felt the mechanics of DA2 were utterly disappointing, but I quite liked the story they tried to tell with it. ...Even if I couldn't stand most of my companions and simply ran around with Varric and Isabela and whichever poor innocent 3rd party I wanted to listen to them torture.

              I didn't have much of an issue with DA2's story. I was ok with the scaled down aspect. But it should've been a spinoff, a side story. It was again, how it was done. The copy/paste feel of it was terrible, the obviousness of its rushed state led to it being very subpar.

                Artless, button-bashing combat, frustrating quest-gating, disgustingly unprofessional copy-pasta (that even I would've been ashamed to put out), artificial difficulty/combat-padding through nonsensically endless waves of 'falling out of the sky, coming out of the walls' enemy spawns, map-based triggers for those spawns not always flagging, significant backtracking...

                Mechanically it was a nightmare. Ugly as sin, with some hints of the intended beauty showing through. If people panned it for its mechanics alone, I could understand, but I saw a lot of criticism for the story, too, which is a shame. I hope they don't take that narrative criticism to heart, but lift their game on the godawful state of the thing as a 'game'.

                  Brilliant description of DA2. Hit it right on the head. I may even go back and play part 1 again now! lol

                I did really appreciate and approve of some of their design choices in terms of the dialogue wheel, and letting Hawke actually speak. I feel like that moved the character away from being a player avatar and more into being her own, individual character who I was able to guide - a lot like Commander Shepard; another example of that narrative style working really well.

                Other people HATED that because they felt they could no longer relate. Which, whatever. That's not the point. I can't relate to Lara Croft, Tomb Raider was still kickass.

                  That would be the Bioware effect of:

                  Do you want this?
                  Yes = "Yes I would like that and I would like to have sex with you".
                  Derp = "Derp!"
                  No = "No and screw you and your family and your families dog I will kill them all"

                  It never lines up with what you selected really. Especially with the relationship conversations....

                  @mypetmonkey Well. Yeah. It's particularly egregious in SWTOR. Like if you play a light-side Sith Warrior and say, "It shall be done," on your dialogue wheel, the response will be something ridiculous like, "I will slaughter every last man, woman, and child."

                  But just in general, I appreciated the effect - nudging in a direction, rather than giving the line-by-line.

                  But now that I think about it... It'd really be nice to have that as an option in the settings menu. I mean, it's not like they don't know what the text is going to be. It probably just breaks some aesthetic guidelines.

            wasn't the interface fur mass effect on PC vs a console completely different? If we're talking about the same thing ability wheels are a pain on a PC when you should just be able to press a button

              If you go down that path then you should probably reference the origination of the game which would be the console version. You should then define which method you're playing it via, the controller (which returns it to using the wheel) or the mouse/keyboard (which lets you use buttons). Either way Mass Effect was a glorious effort on PC.

                Inventory management and general combat/movement was a LOT better on the PC, which is not bad for a port. The new minigame sucked balls though. 2 and 3 were infinitely better on PC in every possible way, and are they only way to properly play Mass Effect.

                  Absolutely, 2 and 3 you could see they focused on their PC efforts way more than their console efforts, especially 3.

    Sweet... nothing to do but wait.

    ... Stupid patience.

    Does it include a 30 Seconds to Mars soundtrack?

    I love casting spells while listening to Jared Leto's angelic vocals.

    Looks like Qunari have been made a playable race, which leads to some interesting questions about how they got involved with the Inquisition, story-wise.

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