Choose Your Own Adventure With This Interactive Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Regular trailers are about as passe as it gets. Interactive trailers? That's what all the cool kids are doing.

Dead Rising 3 is arguably the most interesting 'AAA' title in any of the next generation launch line ups, and Microsoft has created a nifty little interactive trailer to muster up your interest in the game.

It's not as good as some 'interactive' YouTube stuff I've seen. Really it just provides you with a serious of choices and shows you some gameplay footage based on those choices, but it's a helluva lot more interesting than your regular ol' launch trailer. Also — it shows actual gameplay, which is useful.

The idea is that you have to make it some after party. Think of it as a choose your own adventure with YouTube clips.

Dead Rising 3 is an interesting one. On the surface it looks about as current gen as a game could probably look, but the scale of it is massive, which makes it an interesting proposition. It's almost flown under the radar but it's a game I'm excited to experience.


    I ordered mine from jbhifi. $149 including controller with plug and play kit far best bargain for next Gen in Aust I've seen so far.

      I like the Forza bundle at EB
      $199 for Controller, 12Month Day one Gold and Fm5
      Paying $209 and getting FM5 LTD

    game looks fantastic, don't think I'll play it straight away though more excited for Ryse and Forza5

      Agreed Ryse is the first game I will try....that landing just looked epic just like the Normandy d-day landing in of those gaming moments that stick IMO

        I'm glad I am not the only one. There has been a ton of hate from douche bag journos but I think it looks amazing!

          yep, got Ryse, DR3, BF4 and Forza 5 coming at launch

            For me I'm getting
            Forza5 Limited Edition
            AC IV Bucaneer Edition
            Ryse Day One
            CoD Ghosts
            Fifa14 digital (free)
            And will get Killer Instinct haha

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