A Big Gaming Sale On The Latest Releases? Believe it.

When we see good deals on retail copies of games it's usually on older games. Not necessarily ancient games, but it's very rare that we see brand new, big releases on sale. But this Mighty Ape game sale? It's pretty big and games like Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 14 and Batman: Arkham Origins are totally part of it.

Grand Theft Auto V, for example — $64.99 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Last of Us — $44.99

Batman: Arkham Origins on 360 — $53.99.

BioShock Infinite: $32.99.

Pretty amazing deals if you're looking to pick up some of the biggest games of the year. And if you're willing to dip a bit further back in the schedule some older games are going for great prices as well.

Max Payne 3 is a ludicrous $8.99, Skyward Sword on the Wii us $16.99 — there are a bunch more if you care to search. Great little sale if you're looking to stock up.

The sale is closes November 22.


    I noticed that many prices in the "sale" equal to about the same cost as first day release in US.

    Golden Balls only $8.99!

      Gold spray paint - $4
      25 second of my time - free

      Golden balls only $4.00!! :)

    Oh man, I'm tempted to buy The Last of Us again for that price. Almost certainly going to be my game of the year.

      I bought it twice...stupid PS3 couldn't read the dual layer disc so I ended up downloading it. I exchanged the disk once (thought it may have been a faulty disk at first) and then never got around to returning it.

    Does anyone know if their Australian region codes for the purpose of DLCs etc?

      Unless it specifies that it's an NTSC region game, all codes will work in Australia.

      I have only had one instance where a code didn't work when I tried to redeem it, when I entered the code it said that it had already been redeemed, I emailed Mightyape and got a replacement code the next day.

      I've bought games from MightyApe before and there haven't been any issues with codes. YMMV.

    10$ good guys sale is going nuts.....

      Are you talking about The Good Guys?


          Must be a good sale, their website's down. :c

            Link's working for me. Some great games for cheap, Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City and New Super Luigi U just to name a few, all 10 bucks each.

              I paid less than $5 for a humble bundle including Battlefield 3 and Sims and less than $5 for another humble bundle which included Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.

              Those deals aren't impressive.

                Yeah but you're talking about PC games and digital downloads to boot, so it's not a fair comparison. Console games are always more expensive, and are usually physical media which commands a higher price. They can never compete with the likes of Steam sales and the various bundles out there. Hell, even the Xbox Marketplace/PSN prices are ridiculous, simply because console game prices are jacked up compared to PC.

                Last edited 21/11/13 10:41 pm

    its a shame mightyape charge $7.90 for shipping now... unless you're buying a few things its not worth it most the time

    Dammit Serrels, I was being good.

    Last of Us incoming.


    These are standard prices from over seas, and even here from places like Beat The Bomb. Plus Mightyapes costly shipping always kills the deal.

      Yeah, you can get Bioshock: Infinite from Kmart for like $39, so it works out about the same, plus you don't have to wait a week to get it.

        Is that right! Geez I wish Kmart would put their prices in their website - they are horrendously opaque these days

          That's how much it was when I was there about a week or so ago.

      Yeah - I was about to buy what I thought I was DLC email code. Postage literally doubled the price.

    is this another, but aussie version of ozgamshop.com, thanks :d

    ozgameshop.com has these prices all day every day and ships for free....

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