A Game About Dinner Parties, Dancing And Wooing Gentlemen. Yes.

A Game About Dinner Parties, Dancing And Wooing Gentlemen. Yes.

Ever, Jane is the name of an MMO that's, well, it's different from any MMO you've ever played before. Or game, for that matter.

It's set not on an alien world, or post-apocalyptic wasteland, or fantasy kingdom of elves and orcs. It's set in the world of... Jane Austen novels. And rather than being some kind of quick novelty game is actually the real deal.

Lead designer Judy Tyrer tells Indie Statik that "It's not about kill or be killed, but invite or be invited. Instead of raids, we will have grand balls. Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties."

Your focus in the game isn't on combat or exploration, it's about looking good, and being proper. Your stats aren't based on STRENGTH, POWER or MAGIC. They're stuff like kindness, duty and social standing. There's gossip. Dinner parties. And curtsies.

Ever, Jane is looking for $US100,000 in funding from Kickstarter. If you want to try it out, a very rough prototype showing off the game's vision is available here.


    If ever my girlfriend was going to play a game, this would be it. Good on the developers for trying something completely new and different. I hope it comes off for them

    I love it because it's insane. Gaming could use more madness.

    I didnt read the article but I assume from the heading that you would play a Vampire Hooker in turn of the century London. am i close?

    ...it’s different from any MMO you’ve ever played before. Or game, for that matter.Unless you've played Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble or Ladies & Gentlemen. This is an intriguing idea though and it would be nice to see it succeed and bring a bit more variety to games. It does make me think of the movie Austenland though...

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