A Jumbo Jet Crashes The City In Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising has always had a kind of joie de mort about it, but Capcom made it clear this summer that comes to an end with the Xbox One-only Dead Rising 3. Unless the pilot and everyone on board is a zombie, there's not much dark comedy to be found in a 757 disaster.

Capcom Vancouver, the game's maker, put out this trailer late yesterday, filling you in on the game's backstory: You have six days to get the hell out of Los Perdidos (what a great name for a city, by the way) because the gubmint gonna nuke that thang and everything living and undead along with it.


    I'd love to play it. It looks hella fun.

    this is gonna be the first game I get on the xbox one

    Played this game at the EB Expo and I got to say I wasn't impressed. It lacked any wow factor and wasn't in crisp HD. Looked like they could have made this game for current gen.

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