A Man Destroys A Launch PlayStation 4 And No-One Really Cares.

It wouldn't be a console launch without that one attention seeking YouTuber smashing the console in question in front of everyone queuing outside. It's become something of a ritual these days and the PlayStation 4, it seems, is not the exception.

It's all a little bit old really.

The only reason we're posting this video, and the reason why it's interesting, is the reaction from the people watching. These are folks queuing for a PS4. They're excited, they understand the value of the console, they should be outraged, but no. They're just sort of... there.

They're not shocked. Because this is not shocking. They're not laughing, because this is a joke they've heard before and they know the punchline. They're just sort of waiting politely for the whole thing to be over, like adults too evolved for the magic trick that's supposed to 'wow' them.

I just found that interesting: that destroying a console for a YouTube video is so common in culture that no-one really gives a shit or reacts when it's happening before their eyes. Hopefully that's a sign that the whole gimmick is about to die a death!


    Whenever I see shit like this, I just think: 'We really fucking deserve that third world uprising that's probably never coming.'

      I'm right with you on this, this level of decadent childish waste makes me sick.

        I just know that if we're ever conquered by another country, they are going to show videos like this 'about the decadent west' in re-education classes.

    Idiot. Hey if he wants to do it, let him, its 500 bucks of his down the drain right?

      It's just click-bait. Lose $400, get it back with Youtube ad revenue, profit.

        It probably won't work.

        Takes a lot longer then you'd think to generate $400 in ad revenue.

      Yeah but someones else missed out on there pre-order because of this douche.

        It was probably a dead-on-arrival one anyway.

          No guarantee it would have actually worked.

    Was he wearing Converse shoes? If so he just showed that console his con soles...

    anyone? no-one? hello? I'll get my coat and leave

      Every day, someone wins the internet. Today, it was you.

      Someone will shoe you the way out.

    I'm really glad that this got the response it did. Get a new gig, guys.

      Yep. I remember when these videos first began appearing I was genuinely shocked and outraged at the spectacle (I believe it started with the one of the iPhone releases). But nowadays it's so expected that it's lost all shock value, even in this video the crowd produces little more than a single "woooo".

      It's gotten sad now. It's no more than unoriginal copycats.

      If people want to make some jaws hit the floor they should 1UP the K Foundation and burn a million dollars in HD.

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    I like how we're kinda entering a point in time where negative and stupid behaviour isn't getting the reaction people think it should be getting.

    Any chance we can get some kind of principled decision that Kotaku won’t post this kind of crap?

    I know people click on the articles (I just did) but really…. Some stupidity doesn’t deserve the attention.

      Did you even read the accompanying text?

        Yeah I did, but it still DID get posted, the clicks it’s getting through websites like Kotaku are funding this idiot to do this kind of thing again and Kotaku themselves are also making money off this stupidity by posting it.

        It’s not a huge deal, I just think it would be nice if Kotaku put down a principled stand right now and said “we won’t post encourage the mindlessly smashing things that other people would have loved”.

        I feel like singing the Simpsons ‘Just don’t look’ song.

          Next week, Kotaku can just post a still from the destruction of an Xbone - no linking back to YouTube.

    Some metal fragments hit that car, it's probably chipped the paint... If it were my car I'd ask the gentleman to cover the respray costs of the affected areas. Presumably because of his apparent over-abundance of money, he would agree.

    People still do this? More importantly, there are still people who care? Well, I guess there are enough people willing to click on their videos if they're doing this in the first place, but still, it's so cliche and over done. Each to their own I suppose. It's not my money.

      People don't care, that's the whole point of the article.

        I realize that. I did read the article along with the comments. By "there are still people who care?", I'm questioning whether or not there are still enough people who care enough to watch the video and make this stunt worth the money.

    Hopefully that’s a sign that the whole gimmick is about to die a death!
    I sure do hope so.

    24 hour PS4 sales: 1 million (*)

    (*) Includes 200000 units destroyed immediately for posting of destruction on Youtube (and one that was put in a blender.)

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    What an attention seeking cocksucker. Really? We're still doing this?

    These things have small parts...Wouldn't be such a hoot if something shattered and smacked someone in the face. Or if the HDD bounced through the back window of one of the closely parked cars FFS!

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      Cocksucker? really? X)

    While I agree with others that this is just stupid I think that if you're going to do it, at least be ORIGINAL and do it right! The following video is spectacular @ 1:36 (especially the Matrix like ripple effects on the case) and much more news worthy IMO.


    That's the most pathetic 'punk' behavior ever.

    "Hey everyone, I've got disposable income and nothing better to do with my life. Aren't I a fucking rebel!"

    This man just became a proud owner of the world's most expensive "meh".

    You know what'd better? Buying a $500 console and giving it to someone who can't afford it.

      That would probably get a lot more views on YouTube to, especially if it's given to a sick kid.

    It's like wasting food. Good on ya. Can't stop you from being an idiot.

    But I hope he picked up the bits. Otherwise he's just making more work for others and literally being a total pig of a person.

    As someone above said, a better video would be him giving it to a child who could never afford one.

      Yeah but that's still attention seeking. We wanna curb that behaviour. It's only a nice deed if you don't expect anything in return, otherwise it's a business deal.

        Lol- is that a joke? Good deeds and making people feel good is what it's about. If it makes you feel good, that's okay too. And if they get attention for it, that's good too! Encourage other people to do the same.

        Unless you're cool with all the attention the kardashians et al get just for being vacuous and making tremendous amounts of money for it.

        A nice deed's a nice deed my man. Can't see why you'd have anything against that.

          A nice deed performed with the beforehand knowledge that it's going to be filmed and publicised has intent which is questionable. If someone does a good deed and an onlooker just happens to film it and YouTube upload? That's another story, and is indeed a wholehearted good deed.

            How would you know the difference.

            Besides, most Youtube channels post videos about everything they do.

              He's got a strange way of looking at it hey. As if a society full of people who were posting good deeds on youtube, purely as attention seeking stuff, wouldn't be SO MUCH better than the society we actually have right now.

    If people are getting blase about this sort of thing, it's time to up the stakes. Maybe blow up a packing crate of PS4s with semtex or hijack a Sony truck and drive it into a ravine or something.

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    What the hell was he yelling at the console?

    That just SEEMED like an extremely angry, possibly mentally unstable Xbox fan, taking his jealousy out on the console.

    Are chunks of the system hitting peoples parked cars? What a piece of shit.

    He could have atleast shown his face the gutless coward

    I find it sad people still think this is edgy and funny? It may have been shocking a few years ago, but now?? Get a new gig -_-

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