Man Named 'Batman, Son Of Superman' Sent To Prison

A Man Named

A few years ago, a Singaporean man named Batman bin Suparman, which means "Batman, Son of Superman" in Malay, became an internet sensation. Well, the named crusader is back. He's not fighting crime. This time, he's committing it.

Reuters reports that Batman bin Suparman was incarcerated on Monday. He is sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for several offences, including stealing his brother's ATM card and making withdrawals totalling $S850 ($730), breaking into an office to steal money, and taking heroin.

In 2010, Batman bin Suparman's ID card hit the net and soon went viral. Website Language Log has an interesting breakdown of Batman's name.

Dark Knight Rises: 'Batman son of Suparman' jailed for theft [Al Arabiya] BATMAN SUPARMAN JAILED FOR STEALING THINGS AND TAKING DRUGS [The Real Singapore — Thanks Luq!]

Photo: Rabia Sensei


    Sounds like this superhero prodigy has been protecting us all by chasing dragons!

    I thought there was a death penalty in Singapore for possession/use of drugs (or perhaps since he'd already taken it there was no way to prove how much he'd possessed). Still, given drug use was involved I'm surprised he's only doing 33 months.

      That's Thailand. SNG is a sovereign city-state.
      You get hefty fines, but you won't get made a head shorter.

      Possessing more than a certain quantity carries a mandatory death sentence, but to the best of my knowledge just having taken drugs doesn't.

    Singapore is a racist tyranny and a shithole to boot. I feel eminently sorry for the spawn of Superbat.

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