A New Doctor Who Game, Just In Time For A New Doctor

A New Doctor Who Game, Just In Time For A New Doctor

At this point, between this past weekend's 50th Anniversary special and the upcoming regeneration of the 11th (or 12th) Doctor, my Doctor Who excitement level is so high I don't care that this week's mobile game release looks like Puzzle & Doctors.

Docotr Who: Legacy, developed by Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studios, looks a lot like the worldwide sensation, Puzzle & Dragons, and that's just fine. Forming a team of the Doctor and four of your favourite companions/allies is something I do in my head pretty much constantly anyway, so why not add some bubble matching to the mix and call it a game?

The game launches on Android and iOS on the 27 of November, featuring content culled from the most recent two seasons of the show. Season five will show up as free DLC before the end of the year, and from there developers will travel backwards through 50 years of history.

How will number 13 fit in? Let's get to the point where we see more than the top of his face first.


My god though, that special. Did you watch it? Did you cry? Did you have happy tears? Did you pump your fist when Peter Capaldi's eyebrows showed up?

I'd say try to avoid spoilers in the comments, but if you're a fan and you've not seen the special by now, you are no fan.


    If you haven;t seen this you're no fan either...


    Loved every second of it! Saw it in 3D last night and Strax's cinema etiquette guide was hilarious!

    Would have loved for them to work River Song in to it somehow but it was pure gold from start to finish. ^_^

      Personally, I would've preferred an appearance by Christopher Eccleston. But then, I'm a bit biased because he's my favourite Doctor and the special was clearly crying out for him, and I find River to be an obnoxious pox and a personification of the show's worst habits.

    Saw the special at the cinema last night, it was packed and the first time I have seen people clapping at the end of a movie, and then again at the end of the credits.

    The Strax opener was funny, never going to eat popcorn the same again. The Doctor introducing 3D was cool, can't wait for 12D though

    The fact I haven't read "Australia tops charts in piracy for Dr Who 50th anniversary" in the headlines lately, leaves me to think that the piracy was curbed by the ABC iview release.

    Or the numbers aren't out yet.

    The cinema definitely helps boost the impact - and not just the 3D (or is that 12D?) of the paintings. Having 100-odd similarly minded friends laughing and cheering is a lot of fun. Huge, pretty much non-stop cheers beginning with all the TARDISes. I had to watch it again at home to pick up the bits of dialogue I missed there.

    I got more weepy watching An Adventure in Space and Time, though. Some people may not have watched that, so my more or less spoiler-free comment is that if you are a fan and weren't moved to tears by those 2 scenes near the end, you should check your pulse in case you're dead.

    I have been waiting for a cameo from John Levene. When is (by now he should be a Brigadier himself) Benton going to show up? Maybe with cocoa.

    12th Doctor.

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