A Video Showing How The PS4 Dashboard Actually Works

Last week, Microsoft gave everyone a very handy tour of the Xbox One's dashboard. Sony has yet to do the same, but in this video from a PS4 event in Hong Kong, we get the gist.

You're going to want to skip to 4:45 in the video above, and while the demonstration is in both Japanese and Cantonese, it's not hard seeing what's happening.

What's useful about this is that it gives you the kind of tour you really want to see: what happens when you first turn the console on, how you sign into profiles, that kind of stuff.

PS4 機能、介面實機睇!〈遊戲人間〉2013-11-07 b[memehk]


    XOne does look a lot better but will need first hand experience on both before I judge.

      yea english would be nice, had no idea what was going on there. also just found out New Zealand voice commands wont work at launch for Xbox One so gutted about that, thought we were in because Australia was.

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        I always wondered about this. I'm assuming it's because of differences in accent?
        Can you get around this by just saying words with an american accent? Or is it actually regionally disabled?

        I've never had any problems with voice-to-text with Android, and I'm pretty sure the software is robust enough to handle variations in accent, except perhaps the most extreme in any particular area. [ie: US southern states, rural Scotland, anywhere in QLD north of Brisbane]

          Albert Penello said we can try login as another region but couldn't guarantee the quality

            Voice text picks up US southern accents with ease.

      I dunno... I like this better than XBox One. Seems a lot neater and cleaner. Although that may be because I loathe that windows 8 / windows phone "tile" interface which seems to have seeped into the XBox now... maybe it'll work better with Kinect gestures or something.

    Strange that there was a PS4 event here, you can't buy one here yet.

    The PS4 UI is called "Playstation Dynamic Menu", not "dashboard".

    Few things from video...

    • Video says you can have automatic login at boot up but also if you have the Playstation Camera it can also login by facial recognition. (4:50).
    • Messenger can send messages to PS App as well. (Wonder which app?)
    • Cross game chat compatible with PS Vita. (6:38)
    • Double clicking the PS button will allow you to switch over to the browser straight away from game. Rather then going through the menus (8:05)

    This......sucks.....this really sucks.

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