All-Seeing Eyes

Check out this article by Fast Company that asks interesting questions such as should we care about how much gaming tech like the Kinect can see, particularly when it comes to our bodies? Should developers censor their imaging tech in any way? Something to chew on.


    Do people even want consoles with cameras? I know they will sell them but really how much do we really use the current Kinect. Not to mention the environment that is required to have it working properly. And now, this, lol.

      I'm sorry but your opinion Is very generic and uninformed
      A lot of people are now excited for Kinect2 especially moreso for it's menu navigation abilities, it actually makes jumping to different stuff so fast and easy for example, you are playing a game.. You get an awesome kill or do something amazing... say "Xbox record that" and it saves the last 30 secs... you wouldn't be able to do that on a controller without pre mapping it or pausing

    Gonna game out with my wang out. Who cares?

    Also, just like Patrick Stewart, it sees everything.

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