An Army Of PS4 Consoles, Massed At The Gates

An Army Of PS4 Consoles, Massed At The Gates

This is the floor of an Amazon warehouse earlier today.

An Army Of PS4 Consoles, Massed At The Gates
An Army Of PS4 Consoles, Massed At The Gates



    Nice. But still prefer my pc. Now if I could have that many of my pc

    It looks like an invading army. Oh my... I'm scaa-wed (scared).

    And apparently there's still not enough of them to meet demand.

      It's a dirty underhanded marketing tool Apple has done it for ages with their stuff, say something has sold out and people want it more

    On another note - whats the deal with jbhifi having new batch of ps4's ready before christmas and eb games not?

      Likely to be simply that EB received way more pre-orders than their allocation, as to why they have been stating they are taking pre-orders for 2014 for quite sometime now.

      They probably have received a new allocation, but that is only eating into the already long line of existing pre-orders.

      I got a call from the local EB the other day asking if I wanted to hold off on my launch day console for an early December shipment.

      A: Hell no. I'm getting it launch day.
      B: Wonder if they were telling the truth about the December shipment?

        I believe they got some of the Killzone bundles. I got asked if I wanted to upgrade my preorder to one but had to wait until December before it arrived if I wanted to. Which I didn't.

          BigW are advertising the Killzone bundle now $598 with Kilzone.

          Well, I got my PS4 the other day and it was the Killzone bundle box. Granted, I pre-ordered Killzone as well, but It was day 1... *shrug*

    That's a really small box!

      That's what I was thinking. If I get a shiny expensive piece of tech I want a giant box full of extraneous packaging dang it.

        Yeah, me too. Like, I appreciate an efficient, small box, but not for my shiny new expensive thing.

          I'd rather a small box anyday

            Wink wink nudge nudge

              Say no more, say no more. We like small boxes. Knew you would. Like small boxes, do you? You've been around, eh?

                Nailed it =D

                Such a great skit

                Last edited 10/11/13 11:49 am

    It's kinda scary to believe that in 6-7 days time all of those pallets will be completely empty. . .

    at a glance, maybe 1500-2000 consoles? not very impressive

      It's not like Amazon holds every one of their PS4s in one warehouse. There are several major regional centres, along with the various branches like .uk, .de, etc.

    Hoping mine isn't one laying flat in the middle or one on the out side.

    Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky

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