Lucky Gamer Gets Xbox One Way Early, Starts Spilling Details

Lucky Gamer Gets Xbox One Way Early, Starts Spilling Details

Like lots of other people, YouTube dude Moonlight Swami pre-ordered an Xbox One. Unlike lots of other people, he just got his. And he's sharing loads of info about the console right now.

Like eBay user priceless228, Moonlight Swami claims to have gotten his Target pre-order of Microsoft's next-gen console two weeks before it's supposed to make its big debut. Too bad it won't play any games without that crucial day one firmware update.

Update: Moonlight Swami appears to have downloaded that Day One update and has been feverishly updating his Twitter feed with info. He's excited:

He's downloaded the system's mandatory day-one update:

He's sizing up games on the marketplace:

... including Killer Instinct:

He's taking a tour of the system:

He's doing noise tests:

OK, he is REALLY excited!

And he's not the only lucky gamer tonight?

And here's the first look of the inside of an Xbox One game box. The game shown is Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Microsoft appears to have banned his console. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment about this.

It appears that he's been hit with a console ban but not a ban of his Xbox Live account/Gamertag.

Xbox Live spokesman Larry Hryb has reached out to this gamer, offering to help sort out the matter. On NeoGAF, Hryb said "his console will not be perma-banned, that is for sure."

This story is still developing.


    Update: Moonlight Swami appears to have downloaded that Day One update and has been feverishly updating his Twitter feed with info.

    Either he's full of shit or someone at Microsoft royally fucked up by having the update live two weeks early. If it's the latter, I'd say, someone's gonna get fired.

      MS probably banned him because he's stealing all their day 1 thunder.
      Also MS are ashamed....

      Most things are probably already live for employees that already have consoles.

      Being prepared ahead of time is 'fucking up'?

    Confirmed: The first XB 1 to be banned..

      though I do wonder whether he'd actually be breaking the ToS

    Why wouldn't you just happily play it and not risk getting banned by putting this stuff all over the net?

      I don't think he is able to play it yet for some reason.

        He definitely could play it according to his GAF thread. But seriously you gotta put it all over the net. You get your 15 seconds of fame of course, and it MS fucked up in PR and bans the console, its 15 days of fame.

          What's ironic M$ are promoting this as a console where you share everything all over social media!

      He's one of those Youtube gaming people. He kept spamming on twitter to get people to follow and subscribe.

    So... Essentially, The XBone has "broken street", right? So now we can all get ours today, right? Am I right? No... Oh we'll. I tried!

    Fifa 14 8gb but Lococycle is 13gb and Just Dance is 22gb. Also NBA 2k 43gb but NBA live is 9gb. Either EA have a great compression software or something is going to go wrong.

      Well FIFA14 is just FIFA 08 with new skins and players. Not like the game has actually gotten better or different since then.

      Audio recording takes up a lot of data. The data for all the dialogue in a game like Skyrim takes up WAY over half of the disc. FIFA isn't really a story game so it wouldn't have as much audio as loco cycle. And Just Dance is all about audio.

        If Lococycle is anything like The Gunstringer - there'll be FMV

        also Skyrim is only about 4GB in size - staggering when you think about how much is packed in there!

          It doesn't explain NBA 2K's 43GB install. Maybe it has a 30 hour story mode ...

          Also, the FMV parts of Twisted Pixel games are extraordinary. They're such an amazing developer!

          Last edited 10/11/13 3:31 pm

          Skyrim's actually 13.1GB after Dawnguard and Dragonborn (on PC at least). The PS3 version would be a similar size and the XB360 version would be heavily compressed to fit on a Dual-Layer DVD.

            Add 4-5 GB for the HD texture DLC as well.

    Those file sizes aren't great for Australia

      The prices aren't either. $99.95 for a digital version.

        Still? I thought they were going to come down. Jeez.

          I think that was hinted at with the online licence system and the whole '1s and 0s on a disc' thing (and checking into the mothership every 24 hours).
          So when they pulled that (and took their bat and ball and went home), I guess any chance of price normalisation went with it. Back to the old gouging ways.

            I don't think those issues are related at all. In fact, my concern with the push towards digital was that the price disparity looked to be maintained.

      Or for HDD requirements.

      The Wii U was blasted for only having 32Gb onboard space, but the games are smaller and a single 1 or 2Tb HDD should last the life of the console (from memory, Mario 3D World is only around 1.6Gb).

      How many HDD's will we need to buy for the Xbone?

    Purchases console fairly, its accidentally send to him early, nothing he does breaches T&C and yet his console gets banned.

    FU microsoft that is really poor form.

      They temporarily blocked him from XBL until launch. Then his console will be reinstated with a clean slate. Seems pretty fair

    what the guy should have done after getting console ban on a legally obtained console, is to get many Lawyers and sue Microsoft aggressively and brought it up to Australian Consumer Law...

    Decline every Twitter from them and bring them to their knees so the next CEO and chop Xbox division's head completely...

      Microsoft probably have an army of lawyers to destroy anyone who tries to do that. I don't think the guy has the money to even consider that.

      Though wouldn't it be Target's fault for giving it to him early? They broke the street date, this guy just happily accepted it like anyone else would.

      He's not from Australia so Australian Consumer Law would do nothing.

      He will be unbanned on release. And he is getting a few things from MS like getting to go to launch event.

      Other people received the XOne also but didn't bother doing what he did and they didn't get banned.

    Infinity Ward seems to have forgotten what compression is. Ghosts is probably the worst looking of all those games and it has the biggest size.

      If it wasn't fully uncompressed they wouldn't be able to manage that awesome 720p.

    love how everyone is trying to lynch MS and didn't bother to read the tweet about major nelson helping the dude out and fixing this . . . .even invited the guy to the xbox launch party.

      because one should never let facts get in the way of a good rage storm

      but would major nelson have even looked at this if there was no media attention? or would this dude just have a banned xbone for good? it is pretty shitty.

        Would he have got banned if he didn't bring media attention to himself? Kind of a catch 22 situation

    I don't blame MS for banning him, as long as its only till official launch day. Good on MS for talking to the lad though. They could just go on ignoring the situation, though it would be bad for them if they had. They need all the positive publicity they can get.

      Yeah, banning someone for doing nothing wrong is positive publicity...

        No, but ringing him and inviting him to the xbone launch party is.

    So day one update just like ps4..... Why did so many people bitch about the wiiU day one update? Somehow, when it's not nintendo it's ok

      I think the main problem is the Wii U's day one patch is estimated to be substantially larger than what the PS4 and Xbox One's day one patches will be like upon launch. The current estimate for the PS4's day one patch is less than a third of the size of the Wii U's patch coming in at around 300MB, and while physical numbers have not been divulged for it yet, Microsoft claims that the day one patch will take around 15 minutes at most to download, which while vague, could argue that the patch is around the same size as the PS4's.

      Another problem is the size of the patch will be irrelevant for individuals who purchase a PS4 or Xbox One, since both consoles come with a 500GB HDD as standard and will easily be able to accommodate any day one patch along with the OS. While the Wii U, with it's paltry 8GB or 32GB internal storage space, some of which was already utilised to some extent by the OS, required even more of the user's precious internal storage in order to get many of the Wii U's touted features, making the inevitability of having to buy an external drive for the Wii U come even sooner.

      EDIT: I just read the follow up story for this which does point out the Xbox One's Day One patch is around 500MB, considerably more than the PS4's but still around half the size of the Wii U's day one patch, my point still stands.

      Last edited 10/11/13 8:49 pm

        I see your point.... But still it was a lot of bitching over a 700mg update. A lot of Nintendo haters or one eyed fanboys out there.
        I promise you this, launch day updates will takes hours no matter the size. Thousands of people all over the world downloading the same thing.also, those download times are for America, I'm in aus and Internet sucks here

          Oh no doubt, I remember when I did the Day One patch for my Wii U, I set it up at 2am in the morning and fell asleep because I knew it wasn't going to be finished any time soon. That being said both Sony and Microsoft have invested heavily in the lead up to this gen in cloud based services, so hopefully that should alleviate (not eliminate) some issues with the patch.

    Does having his console "banned" mean the whole thing is bricked until they lift it? Or just that he can't go into Live?

    I like this guy, he knew what he was in for doing all this stuff and he was completely cool with it.

    Nice of them to make it up to him with a flight to the xbox launch

    Aside from everything else I must say it looks pretty amazing!

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