Antonio Banderas Hijacks The PS4 Launch With Glorious GIFs

Antonio Banderas Hijacks The PS4 Launch With Glorious GIFs

The hype train pulled into the station one more time last night during Spike TV’s PS4 coverage. And, of course, during these exciting days of next-gen console launches the members of the online forum NeoGAF joined in by posting GIFs. Antonio Banderas GIFs, to be precise.

Why exactly him? He had nothing to do with console wars, right. Well it just happened. One forum member started it as a simple reaction image. A few days later, right before the PS4 launch, this happened:

Here’s Antonio Banderas’ laptop reaction from 90s classic Assassins:

And here’s Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, doing the exact same thing.

The first PS4 customer? He couldn’t resist either.

And then there’s all these brilliant GIFs from a rather large thread on NeoGAF:

Not a GIF, but this shopped PS4 has to be here:

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