​Apparently Hideo Kojima Loves The PS4 Pillow, Too

 Apparently Hideo Kojima Loves The PS4 Pillow, Too

Sure, the PlayStation 4 is the main attraction at Sony's big New York press event today. But a surprising upstart has stolen a bit of the spotlight: The PS4 Pillow.

Behold, in all its glory:

 Apparently Hideo Kojima Loves The PS4 Pillow, Too

Ever since people at the event started sharing pictures of the pillow on social media, it's become quite the thing. Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima agrees:

In fact, he's gone so far as to pose along with his Metal Gear Solid V protagonist Snake, holding the pillow in place of Snake's assault rifle.

Talk about your sexy Metal Gear cosplay...

Pillow picture by Evan Narcisse


    For a second there I thought Hideo was holding a golf club.

    Last edited 12/11/13 7:05 am

      Oh man, I had to scroll up to make sure that is wasn't a golf club.

    Is he finally happy with a Playstation's capabilities? I remember with PS2 and MGS2 he was annoyed he couldn't have 40 enemies being controlled at once because of the hardware limitations. The same with the PS3 and MGS4 I'm pretty sure.

    I want a pillow though

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