Armoured Trucks Full Of Xbox Ones Rolled Through New York City Today

Armoured Trucks Full Of Xbox Ones Rolled Through New York City Today
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Nintendo once delivered me a Wii in the trunk of a police car. Today, Microsoft is delivering some of Manhattan’s first Xbox Ones in armoured trucks, as seen in this image spotted via Reddit user Space_Honey. See more of those trucks here and here.


  • They’re not doing that because they think that the Xbone will be so popular that people would hijack a truck or riot to get one. They’re doing that because they’re afraid gamers learned how to do that in GTAV.

  • Oh man this is so narcissistic. I know new consoles are hot items to steal so I get the need for enhanced security, but this is just…

    Unmarked armoured trucks would be enough.

    • I give it one week (maybe two – three at most) before we read “clever heistes drove into [x] international airport and made off with [> 3] pallets of Xbox Ones”.

  • I don’t think it was done for security reasons, XBOX just want an excuse for a fancy entrance (hence the paint jobs). They would be unmarked if XBOX did not want to make a statement.

  • Its all a publicity stunt, simple. Microsoft know Xbone is still gonna struggle against PS4, so they deliver xbones in Armoured trucks to create this delusional public opinion that Xbone must be so great that it needs Armoured Trucks.

    What Microsoft cannot understand is How much of this Generation Microsoft handed to Sony after the Xbones reveal. NO ONE TRUSTS MICROSOFT, no matter how hard they try to fix it, and the idiots who do are the idiots with microsofts hands so far up their ass.

  • Of course it’s publicity! If they were worried about them getting stolen, they wouldn’t put the logo on it.

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