As Promo Videos For New Console Launches Go, This Is Pretty Good!

Okay, so the 'everyone is taking tomorrow off' to play our new thing we're about to release angle is a bit lame — in fact Microsoft did it last week for the launch of the Xbox One — but it's all in the execution and I actually did laugh at parts of this promotional video made by PlayStation Australia to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 4.

It has a fake news report, a fake Bob Katter, and a real Michael Ephraim. Bizarrely the best part might have been the real life Michael Ephraim.

I know, you're cynical. But as promotional videos dreamt up by public relations folks go, this is pretty good. It could have been worse. We could have had a sexy unboxing. With Michael Ephraim.


    Ahahaha, loved it! I'm assuming Playstation Australia isn't technically affiliated with Sony though?

    Typical PlayStation Aus chief. Sitting on his arse doing f**k all. GET SOME PS4 ADS ON TV YOU DOUCHEBAG. Oh and fix the PSN Aus pricing. Way too high for digital releases compared to buying a physical copy. I love PlayStation but god damn this makes me rage.

    Hahaha they got me with Vic Chorizo.

    That was pretty good.

    I loved it, but then again I'm a dad, and I tell dad jokes.

    It's a lot like Bob Katter ... if you mute it

    That was awful :/ Like... Painfully awful...

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