Australian Game Developer Wins 'Recipe To Riches' With Chocolate Popcorn

Well, that might be the weirdest headline I've ever had to write.

Garth Midgley is the CEO of GOATi Outsourcing. You might not have heard of this company, but you've sure as hell seen its work in games like Darksiders II, L.A. Noire, The Darkness II. In addition to running this company Garth has been appearing on 10's new show 'Recipe to Riches', a reality show where contestants compete to have their recipe appear in Woolworths. Garth just went and won the bloody thing.

His recipe? A type of chocolate covered popcorn called 'Chocorn'.

The idea of Recipe to Riches is to create a product and have it placed in Woolworths. Garth's Chocorn apparently sold out across 900 Woolworths stores. Now he's won $100,000 and a permanent distribution deal for Chocorn.

Apparently it's delicious.

"I must have made millions of pieces of Chocorn," said Garth, "tried out thousands of flavour combinations and put it through hundreds of focus group tests with friends and family to get the base recipe and all of the different flavours just right.

"This is like my childhood Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory dreams come true."

Garth's dayjob as CEO of GOATi Outsourcing involved doing the animation and cut-scene animations for plenty major video games, most notably in games like L.A. Noire and Darksiders II.

Chocorn will be available in Woolworths throughout Australia starting next year.

Garth wins Recipe to Riches [TV Tonight]


    Confirmed. Chocorn is pretty amazing though it still has that stuck in teeth side effect of actual popcorn.

    Makes you wonder why no one else thought of it? Its unique.

      It seems like the next logical step up from chocolate coated Rice Bubbles (eg. LCMs, chocolate crackles, etc.) so I am surprised this doesn't already exist. Oh, after a quick Google, there are actually quite a lot of chocolate covered popcorn products... How did I never hear of them?

      Cadbury have had their own chocolate-covered popcorn out for a while now. Wasn't a fan of it myself, but their chocolate covered pretzels were brilliant.

    I haven't been watching the show, but is it really just popcorn pieces covered in chocolate? Because who with a popcorn machine hasn't tried that?

    Maybe it's just because I cover everything in chocolate at one point or another. I tried sugar cubes once.

    Last edited 13/11/13 10:37 am

    Cool, I didn't realise he was in the gaming business. Good on him, Chocorn looks great.

      He runs a games outsourcing company as mentioned in the article, but I also work with him at a start-up games studio in Melbourne (GOATi Entertainment), which hopefully you'll hear more about next year ;)

    Believe me when I say that stuff is fucking delicious.

      I believe!!! Chocelleleujah I believe!!!

        I anoint thee with dabs of melted choccy. Welcome to our community, brother.

    Hmmm...I need to get in on this.

    Chocolate hotdogs! Gimme me money Woolies!

    Anyone else think the guy on the left looks like Campbell Newman?

    Yeahhhh, so I saw millions of packets of this left in my local Woolworths a week ago. Either Woolworths screwed up the release or this thing didn't even come close to selling out. What a fail.

    I was in the confectionery aisle just yesterday looking at Cadbury chocolate coated Popcorn and Pretzels.

    but are they better than Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs?

    I have been making Mars Bar popcorn for a while now. It's amazing!

    Not impressed. While in the US I found that varieties of flavoured popcorn both sweet and savoury, some covered with all manner of chocolate, caramels and toffees. In fact there's some shops that only sell this fancy popcorn.

    Huh, whilst in Sydney I visited AIE for an open-day of sorts and there was a dude who ran a workshop that animated some scenes in Darksiders II and L.A. Noire, but I don't think it was this guy..

      I think we've got like two or three guys who worked on LA Noire, they're everywhere :P
      Definitely never seen this guy around school though.

        Yeah, thought so! :P Out of curiosity, what course(s) are you doing and how do you find it? Enjoyable?

          I'm doing the games programming course (advanced diploma). First year was awesome, second year's been a little rocky. Still good overall though. Only got a couple of weeks left, I'm gonna miss it...

            Cool, I'm thinking of doing the Game Design and Production two year course, the middle man! Do you recommend it from what others have said?

              Huh, I didn't even know they had that course :P Actually they're setting up for an open day tomorrow, guess I could check out one of the booklets lying around...

              Couldn't really say in regards to that course, not being familiar with it. But I've been pretty happy with the school as a whole.

                Nice, thanks for your opinions :) Hoping to get into games or film?

                  Getting into anything would be nice, really :P

                  But yeah, mainly looking at games.

    Not sure if I trust 'chocolate popcorn' from a guy whose company name sounds suspiciously like Goatse.

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