Smite Officially Releases In March

Smite Officially Releases In March

Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite is officially releasing in March. Having accrued some 2.5 million worshippers during open beta, the god-on-god MOBA will undergo a baptism-by-fire following its March 25 release, with a $US100,000 launch tournament held in scenic Atlanta, Georgia. Still waiting for them to add Jesus.


  • Smite is awesome fun. There aren’t Australian servers yet but it is still a lot of fun. I would recommend it for anyone. It is really a lot of fun to play and a unique take on the MOBA genre with its 3rd person view, entirely skillshot based, mythological gods and not limited to just the standard 3 lane tower pushing with 5 other game modes which are all fun to play.

    It is also much easier to pick up than other MOBAs with a lot of community content creators and twitch streams to help you get better.

    Also we have a quickly developing e-sports scene with the fore mentioned 100k tournament mentioned for the release there is also a weekly tournament series for both EU and NA.

    Also with the recent closed beta starting in China under Tencents flag Smite is set to grow even bigger.

    Hi-rez are also a great devloper every 1-2 weeks there is a new patch. The game has developed so much from it’s closed beta which started over a year ago.

    Hi-rez also have 2 official streams on twitch
    Some of my other favorite people to watch are

    Again I encourage people to play and help our Australian community grow so we don’t have to wait as long as LoL players had to for their Aus servers.

    Edit – Formatted better so it is easier to read

    • Great game only been playing a few days but im hooked , what happens if i purchase gods? will i have them in the release ? or will it reset like other betas when they release ?

      • No you keep them on release. And if you buy the god pack you get all current and future gods really great value.

    • I don’t think smite will attract many Australian players with the horrible latency. varying from 250 – 350 ping, depending on the server you join.

    • That is very offensive. There are alternative reasons like Jesus isn’t a mythical god or a fables creature. smite only adds gods that are involved in some kind of myths or fables because it would be a disrespectful if they add gods that came from religion. and would lead to a petition to shut down the game. #Respect #PleaseBeNice

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