Battlefield 4 Jet Swap Shows Everyone How Teamwork Is Done

Battlefield 4 Jet Swap Shows Everyone How Teamwork is Done

Now, that is one impressive Battlefield 4 moment right there. One guy comes in low with his jet and jumps out while his teammate jumps into the abandoned plane and moves on (the GIF shows both players' view). Switching jets like this really requires superb skills and teamwork.

It's even better to watch the full clip by shosho10199 and listen to the voice chat, and how casually they handle this insane manoeuvre.

BF4 JET SWITCH [shosho10199, YouTube]


    Did this really need a jerky animated GIF as well as the smooth video of the same thing?

      The GIF is fine. It explained what I wanted to see at work without having to load the video on my phone.

      It didn't need the GIF, but it helped

    we do this in choppers and planes all the time, jump from one to another mid air, so a mate can spawn in the one you just left.

    Watched the vid. Gif is still loading... :S

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