Battlefield 4 Servers Attacked

Battlefield 4 Servers Attacked

The PC version of Battlefield 4 has been either broken or down for many people all weekend long, after the game’s servers came under a denial-of-service attack.

A notice on Battlelog’s main page (since replaced by a PS4 server warning) read “We are currently experiencing attacks on our infrastructure that is impacting online gameplay on BF4 PC. We are working on mitigating actions”.

A DICE staffer has also posted on the game’s forums, saying “we are being targeted by a DDOS, but working on fixing it asap. Im sorry somebody is ruining your and my day. Rest assured we are doing our best to mitigate the situation though.”

In addition to having trouble getting into games, users also reported that if they could join, they were stuck with level 1 gear, having lost their progression bonuses.


  • Is there anyway to stop cock heads ruining peoples fun with there ddos attacks? Fuckin neck beards.

  • Probably kids that are pissed with the game crashing from launch and still crashing after the patch. Sometimes I seriously don’t understand why would people want to do that.

    Programmers finding way to fix the crashing
    Kids go DDOS the server
    Programmers have to stop crash fix and solve the DDOS
    Kids complain why it takes so long for a fix.


  • Well, maybe EA shouldn’t have pushed BF4 past QA in order to get it on the streets before CoD…

    • So… what are you saying? There’s a bug in the game that is causing it to launch a denial of service attack on its own servers?

      • Yes! EA sabotaged their own game in order to force everybody to buy the next-gen versions to double their profits and finally achieve their goal of beating Call of Duty!!!

        • Have you played the PC version of CoD Ghosts yet?
          Its the most poorly optimised, buggy CoD I’ve played. To this day I’m still receiving SLI flickering and stuttering, and if I disable SLI and lower the graphics it still stutters when I look side to side.
          Not saying BF4 is perfect in comparison, its just a hell of a lot more stable then CoD is at the moment.
          Also keep in mind, CoD is an “Nvidia Optimised” game…

    • Why so many down votes?
      He’s right.
      the game is fun when it works but should have had a few more months of polishing before release.

      • I think DICE actually asked them for an extra couple of months to polish the game but EA instead forced them to release the game as is.

      • Because Eye for an Eye is bible talk. this is the modern age, if they are legitimately trying to fix something, Attacking them is just slowing down the amount of fixing they can do. “being the bigger man” applies in this situation. Also Dice have to fix these Attacks, when everyone’s meant to be angry at EA. Did EA get DDOS? No? Oh no Dice’s servers did, because they did what their boss said.
        Childish behaviour is childish.

    • Same, played on and off without issues.

      It could be different servers got attacked which meant some locations were fine.

    • Played most of the weekend, experienced at least 30 crashes.

      Tried to speak with EA about it, after explaining some issues I encountered the help assistant asked if I was done crying?

      I’m done with EA and their bull$hit. I’ve played the BF franchise since 1942 and the lack of respect they show for their customers is appalling. Rushing products to market and their terrible support, never again EA, never again….

      Two failed launches in one year EA, SimCity and this. Keep up the awesome work.

      • Did you keep your chat logs?

        I kept mine for a conversation over the weekend with Battlefield 4 Premium as it took quite a while for it to activate. I was told by the rep that none of the premium features were available until China Rising came out. Was glad that they may have misunderstood (might have a lesser grasp on english), but kept the chat logs just in case.

        If you have the chat logs of them saying what they did, that would be worth sharing or at least reporting back to EA.

        • Looking back I should of. Shortly after him telling me to stop crying, followed by him trying to give me a 15% coupon to spend more on origin, I just closed the convo down.

      • Just out of curiosity what crashes? i had 20-30 a day until the last patch, and spent a bit of time trying to fix them.. since the patch… ive had maybe 3 crashes.

        • Few different varieties.

          – Crashing during map load
          – Crashing randomly during a game
          – Crashing joining a server

          When I experienced the crashing while trying to join a server, it became impossible to join any server unless I restarted.

          • if you haven’t already I’ll suggest a few steps that helped me.

            1. un-install your video drivers
            2. navigate to users\username\documents\battlefield 4\settings and delete everything in that folder (back them up first), keep in mind this will mean you have to redo your settings… (but this helped with my black screen loading issue)
            3. Run a reg cleaner like CCleaner to clear any residual driver conflicts form your video cards.
            4. Download and install your latest video drivers. (after the reg clean)
            5. Reinstall directx from the BF4 directory origin games/battlefield 4/_installer/directx
            (this was my biggest help for crashes mid game, almost went away after this mind you i’m using ATI cards)
            6. And lastly go to evenbalance dotcom and download the latest setup installer for punk buster, such a simple step but this stopped me from having reconnect issues once a connection was dropped.

            These helped me get a steady non crashing weekend prior to the patch and i have had very little issue since then, its worth a shot if you havent already done it… or given up 😛

      • I’m not usually one to defend EA but can you imagine how many whiny self entitled teenagers the customer support staff have to deal with? I’m not saying that “are you done crying” is an acceptable, professional response, because it’s not.

        But that being said? Do you really expect customer support to be able to troubleshoot and fix every computer problem that every one of their millions of customers has? It’s silly to think they can tell you anything other than “send a log”, “update your drivers”, “turn off firewalls” etc etc.

        I’ve been PC gaming since the commodore 64 and I’ve never looked to customer service to fix a crash/hardware/bug problem. That’s not what they are for.

        Personally my BF crashes once or twice per day. Obviously if yours is worse, you should try fix it, but I’d start by reading some forums, updating all your drivers, killing all unnecessary programs, checking your internet/firewall/open ports etc etc. There’s so much that can be done without EA’s help. And if it really is a game bug or performance issue… bitching about it isn’t going to get it fixed quicker (or at all).

        TLDR: It’s hardly customer support’s fault. It might be shit support but cut them some slack, they can’t actually fix anything for you.

        • Yeah I agree with you. I didn’t contact them to fix a problem because I’m going to wait for the next few patches first to see how they go.

          My question was around the loss of my stats and XP boosts. I had applied the XP boosts but then my computer kept crashing and I was worried I had wasted it for nothing. So I asked him about getting the XP boosts back. Like you said, I think he was just over all the bitching from everyone because I wasn’t rude, didn’t swear or anything like that.

  • Weekend was better but I still had one lockup and two game drops in map changes. I feel like I have battered wife syndrome. I keep going back because of the good times and forget the punishment I receive.

  • So over people complaining about the game being bugging

    A) I dont even find it that buggy; sure theres bugs, but in the big picture I’ve seen WAY buggier games get released than this.

    B) Have a realistic outlook on the games industry people, these programs have become SOO complex and you have so many people working together to make them, why don’t you go out there and make a game with a team and see if you can iron out ALL the bugs. Sure it would be possible but it would take YEARS and you have people nagging for the game to be released now (players and investors/publishers).

    And then people go and DDoS it, yea that’s a great spoilt child tantrum attitude to have. I wish people would grow up and be more mature about this. Sure maybe someone just doesn’t like EA (heck who does), but couldn’t you just DDoS their other servers or something that wouldn’t affect BF4 and DICE. Its not like they’ve really done any damage to the game like they did to SimCity. Go DDoS SimCity!

    • I am glad someone pointed out the investors. EA are not just a company that has to “beat the competition” to be better than the rest for the sake of pride. They have investors who expect bigger and better dividends to be paid, or people lose their jobs.Some would say that releasing a better quality game would achieve this, but the simple fact is day1/week1/month1 sales are by far the biggest chunk of income any game brings in. Sadly this does mean that rushing a game out before direct competition is seen as an absolute must by financial backers to achieve that maximum benefit of a release.

  • A full weekend of BF4 with no problems for me.

    Apart from one day of crashes in the first week I’m having a great time with BF4. I feel DICE and even maybe EA have lifted their game since the mess that was BF3’s first couple of months. Most notable is Origin isn’t crashing anymore and I’m not getting disconnected.
    I feel sorry for anyone having a hard time with getting BF4 to work. To me its the best Battlefield game so far.

    • I tend to agree, compared to BF3’s release, this one has gone fairly well. Sure it isn’t issue free but it’s not bad compared to other game launches of this big of a game.

  • I know its bad. But I don’t feel sorry for people who buy EA games anymore.
    It’s like you should know better but if you think its worth it, you expect this sort of stuff.

    • Name a single AAA game that hasn’t had bugs and launch issues. Especially one that’s so heavily multiplayer/online.
      I enjoy bashing EA as much as the next guy but it’s not like they are the only company to screw up launches… even blizzard after all these years can’t get a Wow launch to run flawlessly.

  • I’m playing on ps3 and I’m still having issues. I’ve been disconnected from multiple games and for the last week I have unable to play as Support as it crashes my game every. damn. time.

  • This comment will probably be down voted to bits.

    I absolutely detest EA. I really really hate them.

    I’m just thinking out loud here in a very optimistic sense.

    What if this was a very common occurrence with EA so much so that they lose sales, fans and customers, it would get so bad that they have to sell off their IP and go into liquidation/administration

    keen and reputable gaming companies can buy up these IP’s and turn them into ‘quality’ products

    Imagine a world with out Origin
    imagine no BS drm

    imagine a would with no EA.


    • I really hate generic shooters, but I’ve been eyeing off Battlefield 4. A few of my mates really like it, and the leveloution effects look pretty sick and the destruction effects sound like they would add to the game a lot, in addition to the game looking pretty awesome and multiplayer looks a lot of fun! The thing that turns me off is the terrible campaign (I personally do not play war stories, in addition to it being very lacklustre), and in particular Origin. I do not like Uplay one bit, but for a few games I’m willing to make an exception, but I’m not sure I should do the same for ANOTHER CRAPPY STEAM RIP OFF!! Is it so hard to use Steam!!!?

      • Yeah I know what you mean.

        I have my whole gaming library on steam, I like steam since everyone I know uses it so it’s pretty much the norm now days.

        I hate how gaming companies like EA and ubisoft think that they can break into this market by forcing you to use their half assessed system ie Origin and Uplay.

        If anything they should have at least made them optional

        “Welcome to the BF4 installation would you like to install this via Origin or Other etc..”

        Off topic. I never really like the feel you get when you get a kill in BF x It’s not as satisfying as if you were to get a kill in something like Counter strike I think it may be due to the lack of blood lol

        • Nothing more satisfying then popping a head at 600 meters with three inches of on screen bullet drop 🙂

  • I don’t understand whats wrong… you pre-ordered the beta … and your still playing the beta … I don’t think this game has actually been released yet? Not bashing EA, that seems to be the go-to model for developers now. Get something out quick so we can start getting money for an unfinished product that may never finish…

  • Before the client and server patch I could count on at least 2 out of 5 games crashing. And that’s not including the skyscraper levolution event in Siege of Shanghai which crashed every single time a team triggered the event.

    Second to that, the lag and netcode were horrible. Although, I’m not entirely convinced the lag is the derect responsibility of DICE or EA. Surely there are local factors which have been contributing to this. All in all though, the game was sure to fail more than I would like to accept. This made a great game very hard to enjoy.

    Post patch, the game has been running rather smoothly (for the most part). I have tried numerous workarounds to alleviate the issues but until well after the patches rolled out, I was still experiencing difficulty playing.

    Immediately after the client patch, I crashed 2 of 3 games. I shut down and waited for the server patch to roll out properly before trying again.

    Just last night between roughly 10pm and 3am I had some of the smoothest, most enjoyable game time I have since launch. One of my squaddies suffered 2 crashes over the duration but I got through with only one. It was a crash to desktop whilst changing maps. Re-joined the very same game in progress and played through.

    I’m not going to sit here and bitch about EA or DICE. I can’t imagine the difficulties faced trying to get a game like Battlefield out into the wild and trouble free. EA sure do have a lot to answer for as far as their corporate strategies go (fuck SimCity), but honestly the only thing any of us can do is simply not purchase the games. That troubles me though as DICE deserve all the praise they can get for their work. When Battlefield 4 plays nice it plays extremely well.

    I hate to think of all the negative press it has accumulated since release and I wish it were different for the longevity and reputation of DICE and the franchise. But, I don’t think it’s been entirely undeserved either.

    What we don’t need is the abusive slander and nonconstructive comments from people who can’t try a few fixes or post more helpful crash reports.

    And least of all we need immature, spiteful arseholes DDOs’ing servers and further hampering the efforts of DICE, and the players experiences. Acts like this should be met with the same disdain and ridicule that EA cop on a daily basis. There’s nothing that excuses these people from being just as bad as the company they try so desperately to hurt.

    Another thing we don’t need? Me, posting long winded spiels about a game I should be playing before I go back to work tomorrow. So with that in mind, see you on the Battlefield 🙂

  • attacking and ddosing bf4 servers? if they call themselves hackers they should go rob a bank or hack into wallstreet database… what the fuck?!?! fucking cuntz. fucking low life assholes that gets pleasure out of someoneelses discomfort… i hope i ran into one of this kind face to face…

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