Behold, Internet Explorer As A Magical Girl Anime

Behold, Internet Explorer As A Magical Girl Anime

We’ve seen popular websites as anime characters before, but that was fan art. All made up. This magical girl version Internet Explorer? She’s official.

Really. That video comes from the folks at Internet Explorer. Why is Internet Explorer personified as a cute anime girl? Well, turns out there’s a new version of Internet Explorer.

Behold, Internet Explorer As A Magical Girl Anime

She’s called Inori, and she even has her own Facebook page.

Behold, Internet Explorer As A Magical Girl Anime

A recent post on the page:

When I was younger, I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl.

However, just like the story of ugly duckling, people told me that I have really matured and changed over the years. I feel confident in my abilities now, and I’m eager to show you what I can do.

Why don’t you get to know me a little better?

She even has a cosplayer already.

Behold, Internet Explorer As A Magical Girl Anime

And how is this new version of Internet Explorer, anyway? Well…

“maybe i should try this new internet explorer, it might actually be pretty good” — anime explorer (@JMoneyMC) November 6, 2013

But seriously, joke tweets aside, it doesn’t seem like this is out yet — if you click on ‘download’, it just takes you back to the Facebook page, and the description of the cosplay picture makes it sound like there’s an upcoming launch for this. Until it actually launches, enjoy your magical anime girls I guess?


  • The world’s most popular browser just got cuter
    HAHAHAHA!!! since when has Internet Explorer been popular?!?!

      • Huh, that’s news to me from all the hate I see about IE, although I can see how it would be most popular by default. I would have assumed from all the hate that more people would have migrated to Mozilla / Chrome by now.

        • Most tech-savvy people have moved to Chrome, FF or Opera. The thing is, there’s a large percentage of people out there who simply use the browser that comes preloaded. We all know people like this. I’m sure everyone’s had one time where they looked at a friend’s screen and their IE homepage has been replaced with a weird, spammy search engine and it’s decked in custom toolbars.

          IE left a shitty taste in a lot of mouths by being an unstable, insecure mess and the damage has been done. Even the, otherwise decent, IE11 cops a lot of flak from the tech community for not supporting the more modern web protocols, being difficult to work with and still missing the plugins/extensions/web apps they’re used to on Chrome/FF.

    • It was around version 4 or 5. But then Microsoft pulled their anti-trust nonsense.

      Since then, it has been a browser that plays catchup with the others.

      And for all their hate, IE 8 and upwards are OK. While they are 100% Web standard compliant they still do the job. It’s only a problem if you have to work with IE7 and below.

      • IE8 was a sandwhich of shit. It was slightly better than IE7 and down’s pure shit, without the meat and bread to distract you. IE9 was the same sandwhich, which most of the shit wiped away, but you can still taste the remnants. IE10 they just threw out the sandwhich and gave you a new one. IE11 is a sandwhich with some actual flavor to it, but it’s still nothing compared to Chrome and Firefox’s Bacon and Egg burger that makes your mouth water

  • Ever since I watched Is this a Zombie? Magical Garment Girls just aren’t the same, and I don’t need to see IE as one. Maybe Chrome…….

    • Has to be when you’re defending yourself against so much malicious attackers…seems like Microsoft/IE to me.


    • Maybe Microsoft realised that much like anime, for alot of people IE had it’s peak in the mid 90’s and they just want to re-live the good old days when it did seem fast and useful?

  • If she’s supposed to be a human representation of Internet Explorer, shouldn’t she be some sort of malnourished leper with a bad back and no teeth or something?

    • You forgot to mention that she is, shall we say, happy to coordinate closely with whoever happens to wander through her door. The traditional term would be “Easy.”

    • I would have gone with massively obese and slow. When she pulls out her shield it’s made of paper and blows away in the wind so she just opens a nearby door marked “Your PC” and lets the Malware bots in before giving a drooling smile and thumbs up

  • People say ‘oh Internet Explorer is no good’, but there’s really nothing wrong with it. If you want to browse a website you can do it with that perfectly fine. Maybe it’s one of those things you have to be a nerd to care about, but who cares what nerds think?

    As for this thing, ummm…fair enough?

    • IE is actually slower than the rest of the browsers. And lacks all the great plugins that are fairly useful, but ignore that, let’s focus on WHY it’s hated

      You say that nobody cares what the nerds think, but think of it like this. Firefox and Chrome have been supporting some awesome standards that lets those nerds build faster, more easily usable website that have a hell of a lot more functionality without the need for plugins and such, but IE holds them back. Those “nerds” can’t have those sites without cutting out everybody who uses IE. So how this affects *you* is that the internet is about 5 years behind what it *should* be. Thanks to IE, the entire internet is more sucky because us nerds have to dumb down sites for IE

    • Lol try making a website using current standard and then try running that site on IE.


    • There’s nothing really wrong with it in the same way that there’s nothing really wrong with using a horse to get around town.

  • If you look closely at the gif, the city is already being destroyed while she still is performing the transformation. Way to go IE lol

  • I love all the stuff on her desk at the end. W3C schools exam tips, Lumia, surface tablet, ergonomic microsoft split keyboard.

    Wheres the firefox girl?

    • She’d be one foxy lady

      EDIT: Also, If i’m not mistaken the cosplayer has the windows logo on the wrong side and has it flipped left to right…

  • The problem is, she’s highly vulnerable, a lot of people know how to exploit her weaknesses, she can only help people in one suburb (Emessville) and no one in the corporate world will call on her for several years because of the slow speed at which they update Magical Girl contracts. (IE 6 still takes up a sliver of the visitor charts)

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