This Copy Of BioShock Infinite's PC Expansion Is Only 1.44MB

This Copy Of BioShock Infinite's PC Expansion Is Only 1.44MB

Zoe Brookes works for BioShock developers Irrational Games as a graphic designer, so if anyone on Earth was going to find the time to whip something this amazing up, it'd be her.

Shame it's not real (duh, the actual expansion will be counted in GB, not MB). Or that you can't at least buy them. I've got an old 3.5-inch drive somewhere in the garage, would be awesome to plug it in and actually use it one last time. For something other than Quest For Glory II.

You can see more of Zoe's work here.


    1.44MB, must be on-disc DLC. Let's boycott

    PC expansion on floppy disk. Comes with carton with three hundred floppy disks, asks you to insert them in the correct order...

    I still have a floppy drive in my desktop, when I bought it I opted for that instead of an SD card reader - smart.

    I found some disks recently, put them in, they were either corrupted or took SO long to load it was painful. (probably partially corrupted lol).

    No more OG Indy and the Last Crusade or Yoda Stories bootlegs for me :-(

      There was nothing so disheartening back in those days as the "crunch crunch" sound of a corrupted floppy disc.

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