Blizzard Reveals First Key Artwork For Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard has revealed the very first key artwork for its upcoming all-star game, Heroes of the Storm, which we should be seeing more of tomorrow at BlizzCon. Everyone's here: Sylvanas from WoW, Nova from StarCraft, the Witch Doctor from Diablo, even Illidan and Anub'arak, I'm already sold!

Here's the full image with Tychus (a single Terran marine probably couldn't handle these characters) and The Lich King at the bottom:

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    wow....Blizz just copied Dota2

      By copied dota2 you mean dota2 is a sequel to a game whicj was a mod of warcraft 3 which is a blizzard game. ..

      Yes, 'cause DOTA was never a mod of a Blizzard product...

    I like LoL and dota, but I could never really relate/care about the characters. THIS however, you are a cruel mistress blizzard.

    Of course there will be a weekly subscription and micro transaction fee for each character weapon, unique dance, and the ability to run around near naked. There will also be pandas.

    I might have a look at it when it comes out if i can stop playing Demigods

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