Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm Looks Spectacular

During the opening ceremonies of BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard showed off the latest gameplay footage for the all-star MOBA they are calling Blizzard: The Game, Heroes of the Storm.

That looks spectacular. Almost as good as the cinematic trailer Blizzard opened the Heroes of the Storm segment with.

Beta signups for the game should be live later today. Who's in?


    Yeah I'll give it a go. Hope the learning curve isn't as steep as Dota2..

    I watched the videos and all I could think of was; Man, they should have just made Warcraft 4.

      Was thinking the same thing just the other day. This looks cool though!

      Unfortunately this game's similarity to Warcraft 4 graphically and mechanics wise means more likely the chances of Warcraft 4 have become even slimmer.

      Why doesn't anyone make RTS games anymore? The ones that do exist don't have that build buildings, build troops, micro-manage style anymore as well. That's a question i'd like to see Kotaku ask one day.

    Did I just see Diablo riding out on a horse???? WTF???

      Don't be silly. Diablo wouldn't ride a horse.
      As you can see he is obviously riding a Unicorn with a rainbow coming out of its ass.

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