Bubsy 3D Is A Bizarre 'Celebration' Of Bubsy

Bubsy is a... not so great series. But you should still try out this bewildering and bizarre 'celebration' of Bubsy. You'll collect yarn balls and fly, as always. You'll also do a bunch of other surprising, kind of WTF things if you stick with this for long enough.

And there are cheat codes for 'replayability' and all that.


    Edited down to *sigh* mini article. Oh well at least there's a link.

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    If you're going to talk about this, at least put an informative, highly educational and government approved video up with the article. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTAlr5raV2U

    Warning: May include a talking parrot.

      Thus youve done more research than our dear Hernandez...

    I'm okay with Bubsy because it was for a while the only part of A*mazing that I wanted to see.

      Mario Paint bug splatting
      Mario Kart

      Also, the key maze was always cool. Idiots never checked behind the palm tree for the Gameboy key. Bloody losers.

        Yeah - when I used to watch it as a kid, I always figured the kids must be from homes that don't have TV's. How else could they not know the three or so hiding spots used every episode.

        Thank you. I never had a SNES or Mario paint, but knew that I knew the bug splatting game from somewhere, and you just told me where.

          It was some weird minigame from it. My one friend who was spoilt enough to get everything had it.

      Did anyone else see the episode where the did Link to the Past? And timed how long it it took to find the secret entrance to the dungeon? Then obviously the second player knew exactly where to go, after it took the first player like ten minutes!

    The first Bubsy was an awesome game!

      I thought so too, until I replayed it.

      It's awful. The whole thing is a mess. I think Game Grumps did an episode on it if you want your childhood whacked in the groin with a wet towel.

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