Burglars Wipe Out Game Store Before Call Of Duty Midnight Launch

Burglars Wipe Out Game Store Before Call Of Duty Midnight Launch

About 150 people in the Canadian province of Ontario had their Call of Duty Christmas stolen by Grinches who busted down the cement wall of a game store and plundered it for every one of its preorders the day before the game’s launch.

The Game MD of Windsor was victimised by a very well-planned heist — so much that the store’s owner is convinced it was carried out by someone he knows.

The burglars smashed a hole in an exterior concrete block wall, went inside and destroyed the alarm system. “And then they shopped,” owner Roy McLean told CTV News.

That included about 150 copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was his entire stock of the game, forcing the cancellation of a midnight launch event. McLean said he expected between 100 to 130 people camping out for their copy.

Here’s your Cindy Lou Who kicker too.

“Honestly I cried for an hour… going through all our empty cases and seeing all the games that I love,” said employee Jennifer Brownell. “It broke my heart.”

The burglars were so methodical they made off with the hard drive that stored the footage from the security cameras, before they shut that system down. McLean says he is the store’s sole proprietor. “They didn’t steal from a company; they stole from me.”

Windsor gaming store target of well-planned robbery [CTV News]


  • All these heists (one on a jewelry shop here a little while back. Drove straight into the front windows, took as much shit as they could and left), I blame PAYDAY 2.

    • Or GTAV. 😛 I guess Rockstar were too slow in coming up with those extra heists so people made their own.

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