Call Of Duty: Ghosts Compared On Xbox One And Xbox 360

Last time we saw a Call of Duty comparison, it was between every console except for the Xbox One. That’s not very useful for those of you that are curious about the Xbox One!

Thankfully, VideoGamerTV has a graphics comparison here — it’s between the 360 and the Xbox One. As you might expect, the Xbox One version has more detail. Maybe that means something to you, maybe it doesn’t — but hopefully this helps to see.

Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One [VideoGamerTV]


  • What is the point of even uploading a comparison like this to Youtube? The game on both consoles looks horribly compressed.

    • You were expecting a comparison video between X1 and PC side by side? That will never happen 🙁 Microsoft is butthurt of negative reviews and was pushing embargo so close to release date.

        • Even so, it is clear to see here that the Xbone is a cut above the 360 in terms of graphics. Anyone who hasn’t been following all the hype meticulously can at least gather that from this video.

        • I’m not sure you know but you can actually change the video quality? I watched it in 720p and the difference between the two version is tremendous

          • Yes of course I know, but even 720 is not an actual representation of the graphical quality of the game, due to video compression.

    • I stopped watching about 1 min in because of all the artefacts in the video…
      wasn’t much point watching a comparision when the video quality is so poor.

      Edit: Yes of course I had it at 720p, before anyone asks.

  • I’m unsure if this is due to youtube or not, but the jaggies on the XBONE were pretty noticable. I’m a big critic of jaggies, here’s hoping future games can begin to iron that stuff out.

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