Call Of Rupees

Check out this unexpected Zelda easter egg in Call of Duty: Ghosts... If you're squinting, the award is for 'most bushes cut and pots smashed'. And the award to the left? It might just be a TARDIS... [via r/Zelda]


    I always feel really conflicted when Kotaku posts these kind of things.

    On one hand, Easter Eggs get missed by gamers 99% of the time, plus I was pretty unlikely to play COD Ghosts anyway.

    On the other I always think of how awesome this would have been to find myself, randomly as a surprise like a good Easter Egg should be.

    Maybe Kotaku should post a ‘Insert game’ Easter Egg Spoiler Alert or something at the top.
    I often go online AFTER I’ve finished playing a game to look up any Easter Eggs I missed during my playthrough.

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