Cats And Laser Pointers Are The Ultimate PS4 Accessories

Cats And Laser Pointers Are The Ultimate PS4 Accessories

"What do I need a PlayStation 4 camera for?" That's a question I asked myself several dozen times in the days following the launch of the PS4. This is the answer.

My cats, Sprite and Pixel, love laser pointers almost as much as my children love drawing on the wall with markers and crayons. Watching them chase a red dot all throughout the house is endlessly entertaining. Add in a couple dozen robots neither of the felines can see courtesy of the PS4's included Playroom app, and the future of wasting large amounts of time is here.

Note: The wall is covered with young child scribble, crayons and markers. Not dirt.


    You just let your kid draw all over the walls??

      Taking a guess they've got that paint that lets you wash drawings off.

        It obviously doesn't work then...

          Because they haven't washed it off yet? It doesn't cause the crayons to melt off the wall immediately when drawn on.

            Oh thank you for that wonderful insight. My mistake. Most of the marks look like smudges from attempted cleaning.

    Funny video

    The last part of the article has me stunned though!

    What were adults doing to allow kids to draw all over the walls like that? Supervision?

    Some of those spots could have been a nasty fall!


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