Celebrating The Beauty Of The Video Game Title Screen

Video games are full of memorable title screens, memorable opening sequences. The massive 3D Mario face that you could tug and pull, Metal Gear Solid 2's amazing opening sequence, BioShock's striking logo, dripping in water. This cool video celebrates some of the best video game title screens.

Called "A Brief History of Video Game Title Design" this video was initially used as part of a presentation titled 'Talking Titles: How The Language of Cinema Changed Video Games'.

I like it. I also like the song. Video games, right? They're good.


    If i ever had the chance to design the title screen for a game, then I'd be able to die a happy man.
    (preferably a good game)

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it myself.

    Last edited 07/11/13 5:12 pm

    Crono Trigger.

    Come on, people. That clock tick, that music...

    every game on that list , that i have played are fantastic.

    MGS 1 Solid snake elevator intro still remains to this date as my favorite intro, cinematic quality at its finest

    Love a good title screen....Metroid Prime would have to be my fav

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